pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Recent Changes

Here you will find an overview of the latest changes to the pascom documentation.

Site What has changed? Date
Reasons for rejection during porting and how to avoid them New: Guide to reasons for refusal of porting 22 November 2023
pascom Client Release Notes Update: pascom Client Release 106.R3566 21 November 2023
Manage Log-Files Update: Download log files via Admin UI removed 17 November 2023
Workaround for wrong scaling of the pascom client New: HowTo for incorrect scaling of the pascom client 15 November 2023
pascom Support & Tickets New: User Guide for pascom support 14 November 2023
Deprecations Update: Minimum supported client version raised to v.98 8 November 2023
pascom TAPI release notes Update: Tapi Release 7.R153 25 October 2023
Upgrade Subscriptions New: Userguide for upgrading subscriptions in the mypascom portal. 25 October 2023
My Subscriptions New: Userguide for subscriptions in the mypascom portal 25 October 2023
Limits and Data Retention in the Change made in the cleanup of voicemails 11 October 2023