pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Recent Changes

Here you will find an overview of the latest changes to the pascom documentation.

Site What has changed? Date
Supported third party SIP-Provider Update: Fuse2 Provider Template for UK 24 May 2024
pascom ONE release notes Update: Cloud Release 24.05.2024 24 May 2024
App Feature Overview per Platform New: Platform-specific feature overview 21 May 2024
pascom Client Release Notes Update: pascom Client Release 109.R3859 and 110.R3860 29 April 2024
pascom Support & Ticket System New: User Guide for pascom support 11 March 2024
The Call- and Team History Update: Read and unread journal entries 16 January 2024
Call Distribution using Actions Update: New drop to user action 4 January 2024
Generic Doorbell Update: Behnke v3 user interface added 7 December 2023
Downgrade & Cancel Subscriptions Update: Downgrade process of user licenses 7 December 2023
Reasons for rejection during porting and how to avoid them New: Guide to reasons for refusal of porting 22 November 2023
Manage Log-Files Update: Download log files via Admin UI removed 17 November 2023
Workaround for wrong scaling of the pascom client New: HowTo for incorrect scaling of the pascom client 15 November 2023
pascom TAPI release notes Update: Tapi Release 7.R153 25 October 2023
Limits and Data Retention in the Change made in the cleanup of voicemails 11 October 2023