pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

pascom PBX version 19


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pascom Video Conferencing

55 % of communication is visual so add the personal, visual element to your face-to-face video meetings. With pascom’s native video conferencing suite, starting a video conference from your desktop, mobile device or in a huddle room is as simple as clicking a button and there’s no need for any additional software and avoids any browser compatibility issues.

Video Conferences

pascom Online Web Conferencing

Online meetings, remote presentations and support, the pascom Web Client allows pascom users to invite customers, business partners and stakeholders to join and participate in online web meetings direct in their browser, without requiring any additional software or hardware. Compatible with all leading web browsers, the pascom Web Client is an excellent customer service and engagement tool and ensures that pascom customers are able to benefit from a secure, flexible and easy-to-use WebRTC video conferencing solution.

Video Conferences

pascom Screensharing

A picture says a thousand words and with pascom 19, adding yet more visual aids to your team collaboration and meetings is just a click away. The new screen sharing functionality is available on all devices and platforms to ensure that even remote workers are able to view shared presentations and share their own screens.


pascom Groups with Audio, Video and Chat

Further enhance team collaboration with team messaging / team chat. Building on our “on the fly” group chat, with pascom 19 it is now possible to add “always-on” team messaging channels. Break down information silos by grouping users into departments, teams or projects and enable them to brainstorm ideas, share files and dynamically start audio / video conferences and desktop sharing sessions.

pascom Groups

Important Changes

This section explains the changes that you must consider when migrating to pascom 19

  • Streams as music-on-hold (“Start application”) are lost and have to be reconfigured.
  • After updating to pascom 19.14 / pascom 19.15, Deutsche Telefon blocks outbound calls (due to the changed User-Agent). A workaround is to change the trunk password within the Deutsche Telefon portal and then update the trunk password within pascom.
  • Snom Pickups where changed to EXTENSION|*8 syntax. See Snom Desktop Phones.
  • Trunk Failover deleted without alternative tools. No migration and no direct workaround. Support can help with an outbound script, if needed.
  • IAX trunks deleted without alternatives.
  • Swap is now disabled by default. This can break virtualised setups with memory lower then 1 GB, please configure more memory in this case.
  • Call groups are automatically converted to teams. The callgroup feature has been removed and customers should configure teams instead.
  • Port forwarding for UDP 3478 is now mandatory, otherwise video tools will not work.
  • Port forwarding for TCP 443 is now mandatory, otherwise the client tools fax and recordings will not work.
  • A new provisioning is required for beronet Gateways.
  • pascom SOHO Server is no longer compatible. Please perform a hardware upgrade to the pascom Appliance or use the
  • Automatic Trunk Updates will be performed for Telekom, peoplefone (DE, AT, CH), HFO, Sipgate Trunking, RKom, t-m-net, sipcallch, seabix, mnet, easybell and qsc/plusnet. Please check your trunk after update.
  • Cronjob Scripts (before/after) are no longer supported
  • Tunks which have their own template, get this automatically assigned again. All customizations using a generic template are removed
  • After the update, the Provisioning URL for generic IP endpoints need to be reset! Existing, duplicated generic Base Configurations will need to be updated to match the REGEX pattern of the new Standard Base Configurations ("/provisioning/v1-[0-9a-zA-Z] {16} /?$").
  • Queuemetrics must be re configured.
  • With this update, static conference rooms will be deleted without being migrated!
  • Clients older than Version 65 will no longer be able to connect to this server.
  • Snom M700 3X firmware is no longer supported.
  • CDR Rest API has a new data structure and any implementations must be adapted.
  • Snom models 3XX + 7XX (without the D in front) are no longer supported.
  • Snom PA1 is no longer supported.
  • Cisco SPA Gateway no longer supported. Existing devices will be migrated to generic SIP devices.
  • pascom 18 instances can no longer be run on this host version
  • Outbound Proxy Interfaces for Trunks are now visible with this update
  • Customised Analytics Dashboards must maybe modified again
  • Customised Grafana Dashboards on the host must be newly created.
  • Team calls are not displayed in the journal of hardware phones (Alternative - pascom Client).
  • All Grafana permissions are now fully integrated and can be directly assigned to pascom users, eliminating the need for Grafana users.
  • Provisioning logs are can now be requested using the command journalctl and therefore no longer displayed in the phone system admin web UI.
  • “Clean up” cronjobs are now grouped under “Apply” -> “Clean up”. Data older than here defined will be deleted.
  • The Icinga-service-monitoring has been replaced by Prometheus. Monitoring is now available via Grafana or https://$fqdn/$instanz/services/metrics. Should e-mail notifications be required, these will need to be modified accordingly.
  • Modified Vodafone NGN trunks will need to updated. There is now a Vodafone Template for UDP and another for TCP available.
  • Mitel desktop telephones are no longer be supported.
  • Auerswald desktop telephones are no longer supported
  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
  • Client users can now also see the contact lists in which they are not a member (e.g. sales, support, etc.) in the filter options. Other users are shown in it only if any is shared with them. Client version 74 is required.

Known Issues

These problems are known to us and we are already working on a solution.

  • After updating to pascom 19.14 / pascom 19.15, Deutsche Telefon blocks outbound calls (due to the changed User-Agent). A workaround is to change the trunk password within the Deutsche Telefon portal and then update the trunk password within pascom.

Release 19.24 (14.12.2022)


  • Deletion of users with selected profiles simplified.
  • Yealink devices with new MAC OUI are now accepted.


  • [MD-14467] Can’t delete user on pascom19, because “017profile” violates foreign key constraint
  • [MD-14198] Backport to current: Do not suggest removed task 060401 when changing mail address
  • [MD-13894] Backport proper DATEV-Label handling to current
  • [MD-14549] Backport: new vendor MAC for Yealink 249AD8

Release 19.23 (23.06.2022)


  • Client Profiles implemented, to link presence status with actions.
  • Integrated support for Yealink W70B DECT gateways.


  • [MD-13891] Fix rarely broken hangup of call with incomplete mobile push
  • [MD-14177] Remove peoplefone setup within setup wizard
  • [MD-14142] Change Contact header to include from number in Company Flex template
  • [MD-14131] Support Yealink W70B DECT
  • [MD-14125] Add new Mitel DECT gateway vendor MAC OUI
  • [MD-13926] Update inexio trunk template
  • [MD-14207] Fix 2 CompanyFlex trunks in the same instance

Release 19.22 (20.04.2022)


  • Provisioning proxy is now automatically restarted in case of an error.
  • Extension numbers can be reliably reached again after a change of the location.
  • HTTP(S) streams can now be set as music on hold.
  • Fixed missing audio associated with certain trunks.


  • [MD-14033] Auto restart provisioningproxy in current
  • [MD-13968] Snom DECT gateway not working via insecure interface because of missing template settings
  • [MD-13959] Backport to current: Device to extension association gets lost, can not call any internal number
  • [MD-13928] Remove ‘progress’ from HFO template
  • [MD-13920] Do not start dialing when entering # on Yealink DECT handset
  • [MD-13895] Fix Broken journal entries after CallerIdUpdate on attended transfer in current
  • [MD-13833] Upgrade phpspreadsheet library and adapt the library’s API usage in commander
  • [MD-13823] Failed update because of locked grafana.db
  • [MD-13780] License concurrent update
  • [MD-13724] Limit number of fax tries to 12 in UI
  • [MD-13461] Show permanent call activity after blind transfer to external target
  • [MD-12011] XMPP proxy is vulnerable to DOS attacks
  • [MD-13713] Mobile phone icon in roster disappears after xmpp server restart
  • [MD-13849] Configure remote audio streams as music-on-hold MOH source
  • [MD-13997] Outboundproxy sends multiple SRTP ciphers on reINVITE w/o SDP, breaking calls

Release 19.21 (01.02.2022)


  • Certificate renewal is now more reliable.
  • Improved device firmware uploads.
  • Repaired the mypascom Portal password reset function.
  • Improved performance of connector import and “Apply Telephony” jobs.
  • Restarting telephones via the pascom Admin UI is possible again.
  • Fixed the voicemailbox and call forwarding options within the pascom menu on desktop telephones.
  • Default Music on Hold is now selectable.
  • Optimised migration process to fix issues releating to cronjobs and call forwarding.
  • Call history entries for calls via a queue now also show the name from the local phonebook entries.
  • GSM calls from an added mobile device now show the assigned labels in a separate phonebook entry.
  • Analytics permissions are now synced from pascom users.
  • Updated the snychronisation of new or modified extension switches and users within the pascom app contacts overview (client roster).
  • Updated the Snom DECT Multicell configuration.
  • Add provider template for Telekom Company FLEX without CLIP no screening.
  • Fixed the complete restart of pascom Appliances.
  • Fixed security vulnerabilites (CVE-2021-45966, CVE-2021-45967).


  • [MD-13834] Discard AMI RTCPSent and RTCPReceived events to reduce strain on xmppserver
  • [MD-13690] New letsencrypt certificate not recognized by consul
  • [MD-13660] Firmware upload shows an exception in some cases
  • [MD-13657] Move Grafana-cli migration out of pbxinit into the Grafana restart task
  • [MD-13655] Remove Reorganize/reset voicemailbox feature
  • [MD-13654] Instance wizard suggests invalid username from mail address
  • [MD-13614] Can’t open management UI via VPN or reset password because of invalid token
  • [MD-13602] Micrometer MultiCounter with different labels are broken after micrometer update
  • [MD-13601] Outbound proxies reject trunks if instance is not fully booted yet
  • [MD-13599] Speedup phonebook import and revalidate ldap phonebook tasks
  • [MD-13592] Reboot of desktop phone broken
  • [MD-13588] PUI voicemailbox returns 500 with some instances
  • [MD-13582] Special char in display name breaks dialplan
  • [MD-13576] Do not update mobile device if properties are not changed
  • [MD-13572] Configure default music on hold playlist
  • [MD-13552] Plugin script is unloaded on apply telephony config
  • [MD-13548] Improve trunk metrics with a trunk template name
  • [MD-13547] System administrator account shows password field despite AD authentication
  • [MD-13542] Migration fails if customer has a call forwarding with an empty target
  • [MD-13530] Commander UI not reachable if ldap authentication via openvpn is misconfigured or broken
  • [MD-13527] Instance wizard tries to restore 7.11.08 backup
  • [MD-13522] Do not run recording cron job if there are no recording rules
  • [MD-13491] UpdateSql ignores tables that do not start with number
  • [MD-13479] Webclient shows user/guest instead of display name
  • [MD-13459] Outboundproxy: Limit outgoing traffic from instances in order to prevent carrier-side blocking
  • [MD-13438] DATEV CallerIdUpdate is broken for team, queue calls
  • [MD-13411] Call drop on Telekom trunk outbound call when reINVITE from B-side comes in
  • [MD-13370] Client does not show a new contact when it’s added in webui
  • [MD-13369] Telekom SIP trunk with transport=tls not working if proxy is in udp mode
  • [MD-13298] No label after pairing with mobile phone number
  • [MD-13246] Synchronize pascom users into grafana database, improve session timeout
  • [MD-13217] Name of extension switch is not updated in client when changing in WebUI
  • [MD-13124] Show the team agent in grafana overview dashboard
  • [MD-13096] Fix PHP warning messages in journalctl
  • [MD-13049] Reboot and shutdown broken with hardware appliance
  • [MD-13010] Remove unnecessary “managed” settings
  • [MD-12942] Quotes used in input fields causing HTML and Javascript to break
  • [MD-12933] Attended transfer looks broken because of missing hangup
  • [MD-12810] slapd not started sometimes after fresh installation
  • [MD-12773] Cannot reject call on Desktop Client during GSM fallback
  • [MD-12770] Speedup apply telephony task
  • [MD-11670] Optionally unpair mo
  • [MD-13850] Make maximum voicemails in a box configurable, fix maximum voicemail durationbile devices when restoring a database backup
  • [MD-13857] Downloading file in web client shows error
  • [MD-13830] CVE-2021-45966 Shell injection in a scheduled task
  • [MD-13828] CVE-2021-45967 Path traversal in nginx -> tomcat proxy (xmpp service)
  • [PT-42] Clip no screening broken in company flex trunk
  • [PT-48] Further improvements of the Snom DECT M900 multicell configuration