pascom Server 19


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pascom Video Conferencing

55 % of communication is visual so add the personal, visual element to your face-to-face video meetings. With pascom’s native video conferencing suite, starting a video conference from your desktop, mobile device or in a huddle room is as simple as clicking a button and there’s no need for any additional software and avoids any browser compatibility issues.

Video Conferences

pascom Online Web Conferencing

Online meetings, remote presentations and support, the pascom Web Client allows pascom users to invite customers, business partners and stakeholders to join and participate in online web meetings direct in their browser, without requiring any additional software or hardware. Compatible with all leading web browsers, the pascom Web Client is an excellent customer service and engagement tool and ensures that pascom customers are able to benefit from a secure, flexible and easy-to-use WebRTC video conferencing solution.

Video Conferences

pascom Screensharing

A picture says a thousand words and with pascom 19, adding yet more visual aids to your team collaboration and meetings is just a click away. The new screen sharing functionality is available on all devices and platforms to ensure that even remote workers are able to view shared presentations and share their own screens.


pascom Groups with Audio, Video and Chat

Further enhance team collaboration with team messaging / team chat. Building on our “on the fly” group chat, with pascom 19 it is now possible to add “always-on” team messaging channels. Break down information silos by grouping users into departments, teams or projects and enable them to brainstorm ideas, share files and dynamically start audio / video conferences and desktop sharing sessions.

pascom Groups

Breaking Changes

This section explains the changes that you must consider when migrating to pascom 19

  • Snom Pickups where changed to EXTENSION|*8 syntax. See Snom Desktop Phones.
  • Trunk Failover deleted without alternative tools. No migration and no direct workaround. Support can help with an outbound script, if needed.
  • IAX trunks deleted without alternatives.
  • Swap is now disabled by default. This can break virtualised setups with memory lower then 1 GB, please configure more memory in this case.
  • Call groups are automatically converted to teams. The callgroup feature has been removed and customers should configure teams instead.
  • Port forwarding for UDP 3478 is now mandatory, otherwise video tools will not work.
  • A new provisioning is required for beronet Gateways.
  • pascom SOHO Server is no longer compatible. Please perform a hardware upgrade to the pascom Appliance or use the
  • Automatic Trunk Updates will be performed for Telekom, peoplefone (DE, AT, CH), HFO, Sipgate Trunking, RKom, t-m-net, sipcallch, seabix, mnet, easybell and qsc/plusnet. Please check your trunk after update.
  • Cronjob Scripts (before/after) are no longer supported
  • Tunks which have their own template, get this automatically assigned again. All customizations using a generic template are removed
  • After the update, the Provisioning URL for generic IP endpoints need to be reset! Existing, duplicated generic Base Configurations will need to be updated to match the REGEX pattern of the new Standard Base Configurations (“/provisioning/v1-[0-9a-zA-Z] {16} /?$“).
  • Queuemetrics must be re configured.
  • With this update, static conference rooms will be deleted without being migrated!
  • Clients older than Version 65 will no longer be able to connect to this server.
  • Snom M700 3X firmware is no longer supported.
  • CDR Rest API has a new data structure and any implementations must be adapted.
  • Snom models 3XX + 7XX (without the D in front) are no longer supported.
  • Snom PA1 is no longer supported.
  • Cisco SPA Gateway no longer supported. Existing devices will be migrated to generic SIP devices.
  • pascom 18 instances can no longer be run on this host version
  • Outbound Proxy Interfaces for Trunks are now visible with this update
  • Customised Analytics Dashboards must maybe modified again
  • Customised Grafana Dashboards on the host must be newly created.
  • Team calls are not displayed in the journal of hardware phones (Alternative - pascom Client).

Known Issues

These problems are known to us and we are already working on a solution

  • When upgrading from pascom 19.11 to 19.13, call forwarding configuration sets will be lost. This predominantly affects onsite customers. Please make a note of all call forwardings so that they can be added again after the update

Release 19.13 (01.02.2021)



  • [MD-12952] Management grafana shows the janus streams for all instances
  • [MD-12704] Setup Wizard: Error message appears under wrong input field
  • [MD-12706] Improve trunk import when 025out_bez already exists
  • [MD-12719] WebClient UI has no rounded corner when using Chromium Edge
  • [MD-12922] Show reconnect page after changing hostname or DNS
  • [MD-12949] Ensure that migrated instances has disabled xmpp logs
  • [MD-12944] Controller causes unnecessary high cpu load and traffic on consul servers
  • [MD-12828] Fix URL encoding for Grandstream remote control dial command with ‘#’
  • [MD-12916] Improve copy to clipboard button for provisioning URLs
  • [MD-12987] Reduce log level or output of because it pollutes the journal
  • [MD-12976] Upgrade liblxc1 because of csd memory leak
  • [MD-12128] Replace unmaintained acmetool with lets encrypt certbot
  • [MD-12955] Asterisk should not write messages.log
  • [MD-12953] Migration fails because of role-device link to a cisco gateway
  • [MD-12765] Support E.164 number format for outgoing trunk calls
  • [MD-12668] Add support for Telekom Company Flex Trunk
  • [MD-13014] Downgrade Kernel to Version 4.15 due to load spikes on AWS instances

Release 19.12 (09.12.2020)


  • Added new web client screen sharing functionality.
  • Extension switches can be controlled from within the client contact list.
  • Incoming faxes can now be downloaded from the client.
  • Team Voicemails can now be listened to from within the client.
  • Added DTMF remote control via the client for Snom desktop phones.
  • Added Management Administrator Password reset function.
  • Hostname and DNS can now be changed in the Management UI.
  • Caller language can be set as an action.
  • External devices connected via a trunk once again display call activity.
  • Endpoint IP address can now be queried via the REST API.
  • Exchange Connector now also imports contacts from folders which were created using Outlook for Mac.
  • Integrated Trunk template for German VoIP provider NetCologne.
  • Improved Analytics statistics.
  • Added new Grafana version at both the host and instance level.
  • Upgraded Host Operating System to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.


  • [MD-12876] Improve journal for extension switch call
  • [MD-12867] Restrict empty avatars on the server
  • [MD-12857] Phone system UI shows ‘useless’ Janus WebRTC in overview
  • [MD-12846] Prevent old client connections on pascom server
  • [MD-12825] OpenLDAP, slapd, still hogs CPU, must be killed with -9
  • [MD-12809] should also start not running slapd.service
  • [MD-12808] Group and phonebook entries are not shown as favorite
  • [MD-12779] Phone instance sometimes not updated automatically during onsite appliances update
  • [MD-12737] Enhance pascom Analytics Live Data
  • [MD-12727] “Introduce “feature flags” for pascom clients”
  • [MD-12722] Replace Openfire Connection Pool with HikariCP
  • [MD-12695] Calendar action condition job fails
  • [MD-12692] External phone via trunk shows no call activity in client
  • [MD-12688] Refactor Exchange Save-Test feature
  • [MD-12670] Upgrade pascom 19 host os to ubuntu 18.04 LTS bionic
  • [MD-12658] Phone book admin gets blank page after click on username
  • [MD-12653] A user should not be able to rename another user via client phonebook
  • [MD-12637] Change ldap_base in Snom M700 basic configuration
  • [MD-12613] Endpoint, baudisch, routing problem with loose-routed ACK messages
  • [MD-12589] Yealink vendor provisioning still active after reset
  • [MD-12584] instance wizard: Improve validation
  • [MD-12578] SetupUI: Use correct colors everywhere
  • [MD-12574] Delay of ~ 20 seconds after hangup a call if push message doesn’t wake up mobile client
  • [MD-12571] Prepend group display name with @ sign in users contact list
  • [MD-12552] Upgrade controller container to ubuntu bionic and latest versions
  • [MD-12548] Allow downloading received Fax pdf files from the client
  • [MD-12543] Trim tabs and spaces from MAC address in instance wizard
  • [MD-12537] Store a vendor for paired mobile device
  • [MD-12536] Already deleted participants are deleted again
  • [MD-12531] Remove pascom 18 compatiblity code from kamailio
  • [MD-12529] Remove Cisco SPA ATA gateway support
  • [MD-12503] Add icons and other downloadable content to item / trunk bundles
  • [MD-12502] Separate huge template / item bundles into many small bundles
  • [MD-12490] Optimize events handling
  • [MD-12467] Instance wizard button logic
  • [MD-12455] Analytics shows error ‘division by zero’
  • [MD-12449] DECT gateways can be created with a MAC outside the vendor’s address range
  • [MD-12447] Reduce apache and kamailio related consul / consul-template traffic in proxies
  • [MD-12445] Do not create a vendor provisioning lease for insecure interfaces
  • [MD-12422] Invalid call data after various actions leads to ghost calls
  • [MD-12419] Show mailbox recordings for team voicemail
  • [MD-12418] Device create/edit action acts wrongly on wrong entered data
  • [MD-12409] phone.Enable command is broken and probably unused
  • [MD-12405] Transfer with Yealink leads to invalid call data sometimes
  • [MD-12392] Enforce outbound proxy usage via trunk template
  • [MD-12354] Update pbx instance grafana
  • [MD-12349] Handle webclient when there are no audio devices at all
  • [MD-12346] Update consul version to 1.7.x
  • [MD-12324] Upgrade management grafana
  • [MD-12313] Include a technical pbx dashboad in the management grafana
  • [MD-12305] Configurable search attrs property for LDAP connector
  • [MD-12257] Xmpp sometimes prints misleading errors for MediaStreams/hanging up conference channels
  • [MD-12219] Implement screensharing in WebClient
  • [MD-12217] Enable groovy invokedynamic optimization
  • [MD-12171] Modernize pbx system settings api, fix i18n problems
  • [MD-12169] Reimplement pbx autostart logic, manage it via csd
  • [MD-12164] Show device IP via REST API
  • [MD-12147] Outlook (macOS) sub folders are not imported from Exchange/Office 365 as private contacts
  • [MD-12108] Implement dtmf remote control for snom desktop phones
  • [MD-12082] Hangup fails with “no permission” if CallerIdUpdate is sent after picking the call
  • [MD-11989] Add reset management password functionality
  • [MD-11913] Provide system settings to customize pjsip_wizard config
  • [MD-11870] CSUI dashboard shows wrong memory size
  • [MD-11859] Login form to CSUI often not shown after setup
  • [MD-11785] Show if appliance pairing failed because of duplicated MAC in odoo backend
  • [MD-11746] Improve version check for database backups
  • [MD-11676] Improve restore backup process if ‘broken’ tgz gets uploaded during setup
  • [MD-11649] Show more feedback if restoring a backup
  • [MD-11628] Update prometheus
  • [MD-11622] Use more reliant value for free disc space in prometheus
  • [MD-11587] Show reconnect page after host reboot
  • [MD-11515] Missing channel event if user accidentially calls fax device
  • [MD-11514] Empty page after installation and automatic forwarding/reload sometimes
  • [MD-11439] ldap mode handling in provisioning files is too complex and error prone
  • [MD-11228] Modernize Extension Switches, expose via ContactList
  • [MD-10693] Change hostname and DNS server in management ui
  • [MD-10612] Roll out IVR action templates causes error
  • [MD-8936]Copy to clipboard button for provisioning URLs
  • [MD-6494]New action type to set a channels language
  • [PT-11] Toplink Template seems to be broken
  • [PT-3] - Netcologne SIP-Provider Integration
  • [PT-19] - Remove community template status from trunk template description
  • [PT-6] - Update T-M-Net trunk template
  • [PT-9] - Improve naming of basic configurations
  • [PT-15] - Snom phone wallpaper URL - change to HTTPS

Release 19.11 (28.10.2020)


  • TLS Trunks function correctly again
  • Optimised ‘Apply telephony config’ task
  • Fixed prompts for external callers calling pascom groups (via dial-in number) to ensure they are no longer cut at the beginning of playback
  • Improved Web Client stability for Firefox browsers


  • [MD-12741] - Update rtpengine version to to ensure proper outbound proxy TLS trunk handling
  • [MD-12315] - Improve apply telephony configuration on huge systems
  • [MD-12736] - Allow to set a waiting time between SIP OK and dialplan for call to group
  • [MD-12652] - WebSocket in WebClient guest session fails after 10 minutes of inactivity

Release 19.10 (01.10.2020)


  • Fixed broken network configuration with certain hypervisors.
  • Minor migration problems fixed.
  • Various improvements in the UI.


  • [MD-12725] - Static management network configuration breaks with 19.09 and ifeth interfaces
  • [MD-12581] - Instance wizard: Validators are not executed while typing
  • [MD-12586] - Management UI: Mark currently shown jobs section
  • [MD-12587] - Management UI: Change cursor on hovering Browse button
  • [MD-12700] - Migration error with some Labels while upgrading to 19.09
  • [MD-12707] - Incomplete pbx startup after update or restore, instance not reachable
  • [MD-12711] - Broken Migration due to wrongly parsed timezone

Release 19.09 (16.09.2020)


  • New team call histories and enhanced global call history tools (req. Client v. 65).
  • Improved the pascom Management UI reboot behaviour.
  • Connector Import is now possible with authentication.
  • Added Wilhelm Tel SIP provider trunk template.
  • Fixed issues with call holding on Mitel and Grandstream devices.
  • Fax services now all function again after updates.
  • Supported devices are now provisioned with optimised QoS/ToS settings.
  • New Gigaset N670 DECT Gateway support.
  • Updated PHP to Version 7.4.
  • Upgraded Proxy and Janus to Ubuntu bionic and latest versions.


  • [MD-11509] - Queuemetrics spy / monitoring feature not working
  • [MD-11664] - Wait for rebooting the server in a consistent way in both CSUI and SetupUI
  • [MD-11891] - Update monitoring api in swagger ui
  • [MD-11908] - Invitation mails to gmail accounts are broken
  • [MD-11923] - Add auth method for connector import files via URL
  • [MD-12038] - Integrate trunk template
  • [MD-12102] - Redirect requests to setupui URL during installation
  • [MD-12115] - Shutdown jobs shown as failed
  • [MD-12205] - Show group display name in user’s contact list activity
  • [MD-12290] - Webclient audio without camera doesn’t work in Chrome and Chromium Edge
  • [MD-12337] - Phone instance UI: missing mac address input of device shows wrong message
  • [MD-12343] - Prevent huge asterisk logfiles if somebody enables debug logging
  • [MD-12355] - User instance wizard regenerates QR code for pairing too frequently
  • [MD-12381] - Show proper error message if the user exceeds the upload size for backups
  • [MD-12394] - Yealink can’t determine downloaded logo with secure provisioning
  • [MD-12398] - Randomize and cleanup cron in all containers
  • [MD-12399] - Show correct device status for devices with changed display name
  • [MD-12410] - Prevent pairing of the mobile device if it’s already paired
  • [MD-12417] - Group calls are reported as “extensions/unknown” to the new journal
  • [MD-12420] - MoH still played after transfer with Mitel DECT because of 381 SIP “SIPS Required”
  • [MD-12437] - Can’t add device if mobile pairing is deactivated in interface
  • [MD-12443] - Fax sometimes not working after update because of broken iax modems
  • [MD-12459] - Queue call transferred via Snom results in wrong caller number
  • [MD-12460] - Improve nginx configuration to handle /setup route
  • [MD-12461] - Improve order of Yealink LDAP contacts
  • [MD-12462] - Validate and send prepared MAC address to the API in instance wizard
  • [MD-12468] - Grandstream phone image is missing in instance wizard
  • [MD-12473] - Can not dial on a registerless trunk
  • [MD-12474] - SetupUI and Instance Wizard CSS issues in latest Chrome
  • [MD-12476] - Change grandstream provisioning template to avoid SIPS and fix transfers
  • [MD-12477] - White screen after manual page refresh on reboot page
  • [MD-12491] - Migration md_cmd_71902_01 fails while restoring older backups
  • [MD-12497] - Team journal entry missing some details
  • [MD-12499] - Disable unwanted systemd .timer units / cron jobs in containers based on bionic
  • [MD-12521] - Pause reason of team member is empty sometimes
  • [MD-12523] - Client can not connect to server if there are no teams configured
  • [MD-12528] - Layout glitch in setup wizard when entering an invalid email
  • [MD-12545] - “Passwords not matching” error not showing properly
  • [MD-12560] - Change ldap_base in Snom M700 basic configuration
  • [MD-12582] - Improve webclient name validation for joining users
  • [MD-12585] - Instance wizard: Checkbox status and interaction is wrong
  • [MD-12588] - Broken text during instalation in instance wizard
  • [MD-12590] - Some pbx metrics are missing after container restart/reboot until asterisk reload
  • [MD-12599] - OpenVPN Export broken after backup restore
  • [MD-12620] - Insecure provisioning of Snom and Yealink broken because of device handler error
  • [MD-12625] - Can’t change password via management UI
  • [MD-12639] - Rest ipdevice returns unexpected response
  • [MD-12643] - Cron produces an error message every day
  • [MD-8307]- Allow to enter various mac address patterns, automatically convert to our internal string format
  • [MD-8644]- Enhanced and replicated journal, including Team Calls
  • [MD-11737] - Implement grafana authentication proxy
  • [MD-11797] - Improve timestamp format in phonecall records
  • [MD-11817] - Configurable query timeout for postgresql queries
  • [MD-12016] - Store detailed metrics about pushes
  • [MD-12026] - Set correct TOS flags for all supported hardware devices
  • [MD-12072] - Toggle xmppserver debug log via REST Api
  • [MD-12081] - Cleanup call history in event stream
  • [MD-12110] - Update WebUIs to angular 9.1
  • [MD-12127] - Deprecate static conference room feature
  • [MD-12214] - Improve pbx settings handling for php and xmppserver
  • [MD-12223] - Reduce CSD log level
  • [MD-12240] - Improve Yealink DECT gateway configuration template
  • [MD-12251] - Upgrade Janus container to ubuntu bionic and latest versions
  • [MD-12254] - Upgrade proxy container to ubuntu bionic and latest versions
  • [MD-12265] - Data volumes for cloudstack lxc containers
  • [MD-12284] - Upgrade php to version 7.4
  • [MD-12341] - Research and implement Gigaset N670 DECT gateway
  • [MD-12347] - Optimize asterisk logging
  • [MD-12368] - Configure consul leader election check time
  • [MD-12378] - Refactor voicemail and recording download API, use nginx secure urls
  • [MD-12391] - Improve interface configuration, combine all client protocols
  • [MD-12424] - Xmppserver stops doing license checks
  • [MD-12430] - Refactor xmpp faxserver file upload api, use nginx
  • [MD-12433] - Automatic inplace pbx update for csp / cloud hosts
  • [MD-12466] - Show background/picture if QR code generating
  • [MD-12495] - Improve journal and monitoring documentation
  • [MD-12498] - Prohibit older clients (<v65) to connect to a 19.09 server
  • [MD-12508] - Remove deprecated Task 050397
  • [MD-12515] - Remove dynamically generated TLS keys between xmppserver and xmppproxy
  • [MD-12595] - Provide a metric for number of created fax devices

Release 19.08 (24.06.2020)


  • Resolved seldom occurring issue resulting in limited mobile client functionality


  • [MD-12411] XMPP error on unpair a mobile client

Release 19.07 (10.06.2020)


  • Vendor Provisioning for Snom and Yealink
  • Display names for devices
  • Improved device creation workflow
  • Improved Caller ID number visibility on Snom DECT systems
  • Optimised transfer workflows on Yealink and Grandstream phones
  • Fixed issues relating to calls not being displayed after a “Call Drop” action
  • Corrected prompt language issues when roaming from one location to another
  • QR Code for mobile client pairing is now again valid for the entire configured timespan
  • Fixed problems with special characters in user display names


  • [MD-8349] - Improve “add device” ui workflow and add clean, translated device descriptions
  • [MD-11718] - Revokable provisioning urls
  • [MD-11752] - Integrate vendor provisionig service for snom phones
  • [MD-11928] - Push correctly resolved number to mobile apps
  • [MD-11941] - CSUI shows ‘Subscription paired’ after moving back from mypascom
  • [MD-11955] - Introduce Display Name for devices
  • [MD-11958] - Status of pascom support access button in CSUI is always off
  • [MD-12043] - Refactor and cleanup xmppserver internal apis and spring dependencies
  • [MD-12130] - Replace apache with nginx in pbx instances
  • [MD-12142] - Missing call activity after drop via action when condition is used
  • [MD-12163] - Optimize xmpp API to use device id instead of name
  • [MD-12165] - Apache not started after reload via certmanager
  • [MD-12184] - Beronet trunk shows anonymous for incoming calls
  • [MD-12186] - Snom M700 handset shows %23 instead of # and number during calls
  • [MD-12229] - User can’t connect client because of broken db entries in 009ext_extension
  • [MD-12239] - Can’t delete connector profile because operation is not permitted
  • [MD-12262] - CallerID not updated after transfer with some Yealink and Grandsteam phones
  • [MD-12263] - Switch to adoptopenjdk openJ9 jvm for more efficiency
  • [MD-12273] - Show proper busy text instead of technical cause code on yealink phones
  • [MD-12286] - Wrong prompt language when roaming to a location
  • [MD-12289] - Console error if you hover over the weblient while the fadeout animation is running
  • [MD-12291] - Improve webclient chat
  • [MD-12297] - QR code/pairing not valid for more than ~ 60 seconds
  • [MD-12299] - Additional account in SIP trunk doesn’t apply trunk template
  • [MD-12301] - Restrict webclient also for legacy perpetual licenses, named users
  • [MD-12302] - Web client states that there is no dial-in number in error messages
  • [MD-12303] - Web client can use more licenses than allowed
  • [MD-12307] - Trunk Transport option has no effect
  • [MD-12312] - Reduce strain on consul servers by restricting csd leadership to fewer machines
  • [MD-12317] - Privilege escalation through cron jobs
  • [MD-12318] - Improve user wizard desktop phone page, add vendor provisioning support
  • [MD-12325] - Improve number in SIP trunk from header
  • [MD-12333] - PJSIP header doesn’t appear in sip traffic when set via team action
  • [MD-12335] - Create a device and assign it to a user or location within the same webform
  • [MD-12338] - Telekom SIP trunk Clip no screening is not working
  • [MD-12339] - OpenVPN service crashes, is not restarted automatically
  • [MD-12340] - Change Snom M700 provisioning template
  • [MD-12345] - Can not upload and restore big backups into pbx instance
  • [MD-12348] - Enforce trunk templates on each pbx update
  • [MD-12351] - Deactivate sip 302 redirect for easybell trunk template
  • [MD-12352] - Change trunk template for CLIP no screening
  • [MD-12353] - Improve mute button handling in web client
  • [MD-12356] - QR code on instance UI can be used for multiple pairings
  • [MD-12358] - Broken hint for *74 call forwardings
  • [MD-12359] - Remove broken/unnecessary swap creation logic in md-xmppserver patchscript
  • [MD-12384] - Can’t leave full screen mode in web client with Safari

Release 19.06 (28.04.2020)


  • pascom Web Client for web conferencing
  • Support for Gigaset Pro IP DECT N870 Gateway
  • Trunk templates are now automatically updated with system updates
  • Chat history can be restricted and cleaned up again
  • System language can be configured directly in the instance
  • Connector performance has been improved


  • [MD-11661] - Snom M700 provisioning restarts all multicell senders
  • [MD-11960] - Payload data has wrong key
  • [MD-12033] - Fax extension invalid after change via connector
  • [MD-12055] - Auto created Peoplefone trunk during setup has wrong options
  • [MD-12069] - Delete contact in roster (favorite) if related phonebook entry gets deleted
  • [MD-12092] - Fix warnings in various jobs
  • [MD-12107] - Show correct language when adding a trunk from a template
  • [MD-12126] - Change mnet template pjsip options
  • [MD-12144] - Instance web UI shows wrong phone state
  • [MD-12155] - Improve outbound proxy, ensure to resolve internal alias ip numbers
  • [MD-12159] - Php segfault because of protobuf version incompatiblity
  • [MD-12161] - Different container versions are confusing CSUI version checks
  • [MD-12170] - Loader pattern is invalid
  • [MD-12181] - Handle SIP AOC info requests, fix dropped calls on rkom trunks
  • [MD-12182] - Can’t delete group participants or leave group
  • [MD-12206] - Rtc media handles locking and cleanup
  • [MD-12213] - Show one provisioning URL per host-name
  • [MD-12236] - Stop to enforce opus for desktop client calls, fallback to alaw for trunk calls
  • [MD-12242] - Lost calls after 30 minutes on outbound proxy due to session timers
  • [MD-5675] - Increase Connector Performance, Step 1
  • [MD-8427] - Cleanup dialplan loop warnings on apply telephony
  • [MD-10779] - Unify system language, web ui language and prompts into one data model
  • [MD-11169] - Rate limit API requests
  • [MD-11358] - Managed, updateable, sip trunk profiles
  • [MD-11455] - Implement Gigaset N870 DECT multicell system
  • [MD-11925] - Add more instance level metrics to prometheus
  • [MD-12027] - Cleanup chat in event stream
  • [MD-12062] - Update Seabix logo in trunk template
  • [MD-12116] - Xmpp resource loader could be more efficient
  • [MD-12156] - Use python3 for installation process
  • [MD-12157] - Upgrade go to 1.13.X
  • [MD-12175] - Remove php proto generated files from git repo
  • [MD-12216] - Enhance PushManager to lower priority for chat messages pushed to android devices
  • [MD-12224] - Reduce idle cpu consumption in the xmppserver by reducing modules, ports
  • [MD-12244] - Add a parameter for video publisher soft limit
  • [MD-12252] - Change sip host in plusnet template and migrate it automatically
  • [MD-12269] - Raise asterisk open file limit

Release 19.05 (11.03.2020)


  • Outbound Proxy for trunks implemented.
  • General improvements in trunks (e.g. redirections, hold and transfers).
  • Vodafone NGN trunk support via outbound proxy (onsite).
  • Analytics optimized (including team view).
  • Analytics migration is now more stable.
  • Improved display when picking up and transfering to desktop phones.
  • Discarding a call will always create a call activity.


  • [MD-10987] - Improve Peoplefone trunk anonymous call behavior
  • [MD-11541] - Broken Analytics/Grafana after fresh installations in rare cases
  • [MD-11707] - Do not show warning messages during loading in CSUI
  • [MD-11835] - Update xmpsserver http client
  • [MD-11858] - Consul register again deleted instance
  • [MD-11867] - Clean up db-schema file
  • [MD-11868] - Disable yealink subscribe_register because not supported in pjsip
  • [MD-11939] - Rename label for number of extension digits in trunk
  • [MD-11971] - Don’t add any options to generic SIP trunk
  • [MD-12006] - Can’t upload wav to default MoH
  • [MD-12035] - Analytics can’t handle dots properly
  • [MD-12053] - Missing audio after outbound redirections
  • [MD-12058] - Missing English silence/1 prompts
  • [MD-11861] - API improvement for queue live stats
  • [MD-12095] - pascom Analytics: Add counter for waiting users/agents on live dashboard
  • [MD-12036] - Improve performance and restrict amount of shown teams in analytics
  • [MD-12086] - Update linux kernel to 4.15
  • [MD-12078] - Add container memory details (caches, buffers) to prometheus metrics
  • [MD-8596] - Monitor asterisk trunk connectivity
  • [MD-11914] - Update Seabix Trunk Template
  • [MD-12056] - Update asterisk to 16.8.0
  • [MD-12083] - Restrict default trunk codec list to alaw with ptime 20 to avoid re-invites
  • [MD-11985] - Update Java 11 AdoptOpenJDK JRE/JDK
  • [MD-12046] - No ringback tone with Telekom advanced template
  • [MD-11708] - Prohibit sip call push in GSM only mode
  • [MD-12060] - Remove hard upper memory limit from all container image descriptor
  • [MD-12074] - Replace apache mod_php with php fpm
  • [MD-11635] - Allow to hangup multiple channels by sending base.Hangup
  • [MD-12103] - Phone status unavailable if connected via UDP interface
  • [MD-12088] - Missing call activity after drop in external/before action
  • [MD-11779] - Subscription valid until info in instance shows negative amount of days
  • [MD-11846] - Correctly handle callerid and connectedline updates in pjsip
  • [MD-12073] - Improve overlay cleanup on instance update
  • [MD-11948] - SIP outbound proxy for pascom 19 pjsip trunks
  • [MD-12099] - Outbound proxy support for vodafone NGN trunks
  • [MD-12040] - Set ptime 20 for physical and virtual fax devices
  • [MD-11935] - Hide sip peer in display of snom phones
  • [MD-11980] - Update Kamailio to version 5.3.x

Release 19.04 (03.02.2020)


  • Fixed migration issues relating to trunks containing empty SIP options.
  • TCP trunks now work without any issues.


  • [MD-11973] - Apply telephony broken if trunk account contains no options
  • [MD-12041] - All incoming calls on TCP trunks rejected

Release 19.03 (29.01.2020)


  • Added generic IP endpoint provisioning
  • beronet Gateways and trunks function again
  • Snom basis configuration now uses XML format
  • SIP Header can once again be manually modified
  • PJSIP Header for trunks can now be directly configured within the Trunk account options, and no longer in scripts (e.g. def_outbound).
  • External and internal ring tones (via Alert-info-header) are now usable
  • Fixed Intercom group functionality
  • Aastra/Mitel DECT Handsets no longer display failed registration during on going calls.
  • Grandstream Gateways with the new MAC address are now added correctly
  • Resolved Grafana migration issues (missing forwarding and broken login)
  • Mail-to-Fax configuration is now able to differentiate between SSL, StartTLS and Plain
  • TAPI pickups now also work for multiple lines
  • Modified Snom basis configuration to now migrate “Extension” button to “BLF” in order to enable pickups
  • Added pascom logo background image provisioning function for various Snom and Yealink devices
  • Updated the QSC/Plusnet SIP provider template
  • Added T-M-Net SIP provider template
  • Added SIP provider template


  • [MD-11087] - Optimize Snom M700 config
  • [MD-11721] - Easybell contact header
  • [MD-11829] - Plusnet QSC trunk has wrong options in pascom 19
  • [MD-11832] - Remove swap from grafana in pascom 19
  • [MD-11968] - Increase maxlength of external_group_number input
  • [MD-11847] - Remove ‘type’ column in team overview
  • [MD-11856] - Mitel Aastra DECT shows that its unregistered
  • [MD-11927] - Automatically configure lxc soft memory limit
  • [MD-11952] - CSUI shows no error if FQDN is missing
  • [MD-11863] - Asterisk opens a lot of tcp connections, saturates kamailio
  • [MD-11919] - Kamailio does not rewrite Supported: header correctly
  • [MD-11924] - Wrong context in sip_ipdevice.conf
  • [MD-11892] - Grandstream HT802 ATA gateway (with new MAC) created as phone
  • [MD-11812] - Grafana of instance not accessible after update sometimes
  • [MD-11722] - Improve mail to fax configuration
  • [MD-11720] - Add language selector to instance wizard admin and account pages
  • [MD-11659] - Pickup is broken in multiline tapi setup
  • [MD-8588] - Auto-provision logos on supported Snom and Yealink phones
  • [MD-10822] - Multidial on trunks with direct transfer fails when external device is called
  • [MD-11853] - Improve layout of pascom logo in login + setup view
  • [MD-11762] - Update asterisk to 16.6.1
  • [MD-11814] - Optimize janus video traffic
  • [MD-11857] - Better CLIP handling for trunks
  • [MD-11230] - Simple generic provisioning
  • [MD-11842] - Allow to set pjsip headers via script
  • [MD-11931] - Migration to 19.X fails if broken vcard exists
  • [MD-11849] - Can’t use PUI menu on a Yealink phone,
  • [MD-11855] - Can’t create new team after importing backup of 17.12
  • [MD-10725] - Improve trunk inbound anonymous handling
  • [MD-11810] - Berofix SIP to ISDN trunk not working with pascom 19
  • [MD-11962] - Change sip trunk template of Deutsche Telefon
  • [MD-11588] - T-M-NET SIP-Provider Integration
  • [MD-11658] - sip trunk template
  • [MD-11667] - Update web applications to angular 8
  • [MD-11714] - Configure asterisk local_net and fake external address in
  • [MD-11926] - Store systemd journal on disk instead of tmpfs
  • [MD-11979] - Logrotate and restart pbx apache once per night
  • [MD-11850] - Snom BLF pickup is broken (pascom 19)
  • [MD-11949] - Pickup from a queue doesn’t work via notification
  • [MD-11633] - Use XML based provisioning templates for Snom phones
  • [MD-12009] - Xmpp migration fails if there is no events after mdarchive migration

Release 19.02 (22.11.2019)


  • Restabilised call pickups on the mobile client.
  • Let’s Encrypt certificates will once again be issued.


  • [MD-11874] - Internal calls softphone to mobile can’t be answered
  • [MD-11876] - Port let’s encrypt to 19
  • [MD-11866] - Configure QOS/TOS in asterisk pjsip

Release 19.01 (21.11.2019)


  • Yealink BLF keys now show the correct current status.
  • Resolved migration issues connected to call groups and actions.
  • Yealink telephone call logs now consider the trunk prefix for call backs.
  • Fixed microphone muting issues relating to external calls.
  • Improved holding and retrieving / resuming multiple calls


  • [MD-11818] - Can’t change password via client
  • [MD-11819] - Invalid image.json configuration file for cs-proxy
  • [MD-11823] - Error invalid wire type in xmpp log
  • [MD-11831] - Mobile icon missing if user deactivates mobile in follow me
  • [MD-11813] - Improve UI for creating the queue
  • [MD-11843] - Redial on hardware phones is broken if trunk has 0 prefix
  • [MD-11844] - Adapt Seabix trunk template
  • [MD-11851] - Call Specific actions are broken for softphone calls
  • [MD-11833] - Unreliable Yealink BLF
  • [MD-11828] - Incorrect phone call data after the pickup
  • [MD-11824] - pascom 19 migration bug if action of type “c” (callgroup) exists
  • [MD-11821] - Error on restarting pbx containers
  • [MD-11834] - Consul template service is not started in the cs-proxy container
  • [MD-11380] - Export more instance level metrics to prometheus

Release 19.00 (04.11.2019)


  • Reworked Contacts / Contactlist
  • New Searchfunction and Smartfilters
  • Interactive Callobjects during a call
  • Video and Screensharing functions
  • pascom Groups. Permanent Audio, Video and Chat Groups
  • Asterisk Update to Version 16 LTS
  • Access to RTP Statistics
  • Converted all trunk templates to pjsip syntax