Support & Release Notes

Our Release Notes provide an excellent overview of all our asterisk based VoIP phone system release versions.

Supported Server Versions

Supported Versions

Rolling Release

We deliver new functions upon completion in a rolling process and do not wait for the “next big” version. As an advantage, our customers receive new features faster and there are not so many changes at once.

When will pascom 20 be available?

Thanks to our rolling release, a new major version is only necessary when major technology changes have to be made that require the parallel operation of several versions. No changes of this magnitude are currently in sight.

What is meant by “Supported Version”?

The term supported version relates to the most recent bugfix release of a pascom phone system server version. pascom guarantees the following services for supported versions only:

  • Updates, bug fixes, and security fixes
  • pascom PREMIUM Support
  • Compatibility of the pascom desktop and mobile clients
  • Compatibility of the server licence

Can I still use unsupported versions?

pascom does not prevent the use of unsupported versions in any way. However, through using an unsupported version the following consequences could occur:

1) Updates, bug fixes, and security fixes

Unsupported versions will not receive any updates, bug fixes or security fixes. In many cases, the pascom server must be connected to the internet to communicate with the pascom clients, using an unsupported version would be particularly negligent.

2) pascom PREMIUM Support

Accessing our fee-based PREMIUM support services will not be possible. You will first need to update to a supported version.

3) pascom desktop and mobile client compatibility

Both the pascom desktop and mobile clients are centrally updated. As pascom only tests client compatibility with supported versions, it could be the case that after an update, the clients are no longer able to connect to the pascom server or some functions may not work correctly. You can disable the auto-update function for the desktop client using the -noUpdate command-line parameter, but this does not apply to mobile clients distributed by third-party vendors such as Apple or Google.

In addition, each user will permanently be shown a message stating that the client is connected to a non-supported server.

4) Compatibility of the server licence

With pascom 17 servers or older, the licence update is not performed automatically. Therefore, it could be the case that pascom is unable to make changes to the licence for an unsupported pascom phone system. For example, changing the number of users (= making an additional purchase) is no longer possible without updating the phone system version.

All pascom 18 servers and newer automatically update the licence according to the paired subscription on a daily basis. In exceptional cases, an unsupported server version may become incompatible with this licence. As a result, after 30 days the pascom server will only be able to accept incoming calls or licence values (e.g. number of users) no longer being reflected correctly. Naturally, we try to avoid such occurrences but can only guarantee compatibility for supported server versions.

Will I be warned before my version’s support expires?

Yes, approximately three months before the End of Support (EoS) date for the particular server version you are using, all pascom clients will display a brief message after a successful login.

What is “Extended Support”?

Due to the technological changes made between pascom 17 to 18 and the resulting potential extra workload / costs to our customers and partners, pascom have extended the support for this phone system version by an additional year and continues to guarantee the following:

  • pascom PREMIUM Support
  • pascom desktop and mobile clients compatibility

Release Notes

pascom Client

Version Release Type Published
Release 83.R2057 Bugfix Release 30.11.2021
Release 82.R2028 Bugfix Release 16.11.2021
Release 81.R2017 Bugfix Release 10.11.2021
Release 80.R1986 Bugfix Release 12.10.2021
Release 79.R1978 Bugfix Release 05.10.2021
Release 78.R1965 Bugfix Release 21.09.2021
Release 77.R1961 Bugfix Release 15.09.2021
Release 76.R1942 Bugfix Release 06.09.2021
Release 75.R1785 Bugfix Release 25.06.2021
Release 74.R1770 Bugfix Release 14.06.2021
Release 73.R1682 Bugfix Release 19.04.2021
Release 72.R1658 Bugfix Release 24.03.2021
Release 71.R1640 Bugfix Release 15.03.2021
Release 70.R1493 Bugfix Release 11.01.2021
Release 69.R1548 Bugfix Release 08.12.2020
Release 68.R1423 Bugfix Release 27.11.2020
Release 67.R1416 Bugfix Release 24.11.2020
Release 66.R1326 Bugfix Release 23.09.2020
Release 65.R1286 Bugfix Release 05.08.2020
Release 64.R1156 Bugfix Release 16.06.2020
Release 62.R1061 Bugfix Release 20.04.2020
Release 61.R919 Bugfix Release 19.02.2020
Release 60.R872 Bugfix Release 13.01.2020
Release 59.R726 Bugfix Release 26.11.2019
Release 58.R676 Bugfix Release 07.11.2019
Release 57.R661 Bugfix Release 30.10.2019
Release 56.R657 Feature Release 29.10.2019
Release 54.R534 Bugfix Release 12.09.2019
Release 53.R453 Bugfix Release 03.07.2019
Release 52.R428 Bugfix Release 18.06.2019
Release 51.R365 Bugfix Release 27.05.2019
Release 50.R318 Bugfix Release 24.04.2019
Release 49.R265 Bugfix Release 21.03.2019
Release 48.R196 Bugfix Release 08.03.2019
Release 47.R161 Bugfix Release - nur Desktop 11.02.2019
Release 46.R152 Bugfix Release 06.02.2019
Release 45.R93 Bugfix Release 17.12.2018
Release 44.R66 Bugfix Release 27.11.2018
Release 42.R34 Feature Release 17.10.2018

pascom Server 19

Version Release Type Published
Release 19.20 Bugfix Release 13.12.2021
Release 19.19 Bugfix Release 18.10.2021
Release 19.18 Bugfix Release 10.09.2021
Release 19.17 Bugfix Release 09.09.2021
Release 19.16 Bugfix Release 09.06.2021
Release 19.15 Bugfix Release 09.04.2021
Release 19.14 Bugfix Release 31.03.2021
Release 19.13 Bugfix Release 01.02.2021
Release 19.12 Bugfix Release 09.12.2020
Release 19.11 Bugfix Release 28.10.2020
Release 19.10 Bugfix Release 01.10.2020
Release 19.09 Bugfix Release 16.09.2020
Release 19.08 Bugfix Release 24.06.2020
Release 19.07 Bugfix Release 10.06.2020
Release 19.06 Bugfix Release 28.04.2020
Release 19.05 Bugfix Release 11.03.2020
Release 19.04 Bugfix Release 03.02.2020
Release 19.03 Bugfix Release 29.01.2020
Release 19.02 Bugfix Release 22.11.2019
Release 19.01 Bugfix Release 21.11.2019
Release 19.00 Feature Release 04.11.2019

pascom Server 18

Version Release Type Published
Release 18.12 Bugfix Release 27.11.2019
Release 18.11 Bugfix Release 17.10.2019
Release 18.10 Bugfix Release 05.08.2019
Release 18.09 Bugfix Release 28.06.2019
Release 18.08 Bugfix Release 13.06.2019
Release 18.07 Bugfix Release 10.04.2019
Release 18.06 Bugfix Release 07.03.2019
Release 18.05 Bugfix Release 26.02.2019
Release 18.04 Bugfix Release 16.01.2019
Release 18.03 Bugfix Release 17.12.2018
Release 18.02 Bugfix Release 07.11.2018
Release 18.01 Bugfix Release 09.10.2018
Release 18.00 Feature Release 20.09.2018

pascom Server 17

Version Release Type Published
Release 17.12 Bugfix Release 22.11.2018
Release 17.11 Bugfix Release 25.09.2018
Release 17.10 Bugfix Release 19.06.2018
Release 17.09 Bugfix Release 24.05.2018
Release 17.08 Bugfix Release 23.04.2018
Release 17.07 Bugfix Release 05.04.2018
Release 17.06 Bugfix Release 03.04.2018
Release 17.05 Bugfix Release 12.03.2018
Release 17.04 Bugfix Release 26.02.2018
Release 17.03 Bugfix Release 12.02.2018
Release 17.02 Bugfix Release 22.01.2018
Release 17.01 Bugfix Release 08.01.2018
Release 17.00 Feature Release 14.12.2017

pascom TAPI client

Version Release Type Published
Release 6.R84 Bugfix Release 22.04.2020
Release 5.R76 Bugfix Release 20.12.2019
Release 4.R56 Bugfix Release 08.03.2019
Release 3.R42 Feature Release 09.10.2018