pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

pascom Release Notes

Our Release Notes provide an excellent overview of all oru Cloud phone system, desktop and mobile app releases.

Supported Server Versions

Supported Versions

Support pascom Free, Basic & Premium Onsite/Cloud - PBX:

The pascom Free, Basic & Premium tariffs have been deprecated and will expire over a period until 2025.

  • End of Sale: 01.01.2023

The pascom Free, Basic & Premium tariffs can no longer be purchased.

  • End of Life: 01.01.2025

The pascom Free, Basic & Premium tariffs can no longer be used. If you currently still have a PBX in the tariffs just mentioned, react in time before your contract expires to perform a migration to pascom ONE.

Rolling Release

We deliver new functions upon completion in a rolling process and do not wait for the “next big” version. As an advantage, our customers receive new features faster and there are not so many changes at once.

What is meant by “Supported Version”?

The term supported version relates to the most recent bugfix release of a pascom phone system server version. pascom guarantees the following services for supported versions only:

  • Updates, bug fixes, and security fixes
  • pascom PREMIUM Support
  • Compatibility of the pascom desktop and mobile clients
  • Compatibility of the server licence

Can I still use unsupported versions?

pascom does not prevent the use of unsupported versions in any way. However, through using an unsupported version the following consequences could occur:

1) Updates, bug fixes, and security fixes

Unsupported versions will not receive any updates, bug fixes or security fixes. In many cases, the pascom server must be connected to the internet to communicate with the pascom clients, using an unsupported version would be particularly negligent.

2) pascom PREMIUM Support

Accessing our fee-based PREMIUM support services will not be possible. You will first need to update to a supported version.

3) pascom desktop and mobile client compatibility

Both the pascom desktop and mobile clients are centrally updated. As pascom only tests client compatibility with supported versions, it could be the case that after an update, the clients are no longer able to connect to the pascom server or some functions may not work correctly.

In addition, each user will permanently be shown a message stating that the client is connected to a non-supported server.

Will I be warned before my version’s support expires?

Yes, approximately three months before the End of Support (EoS) date for the particular server version you are using, all pascom clients will display a brief message after a successful login.

What is “Extended Support”?

Due to the technological changes made between pascom 17 to 18 and the resulting potential extra workload / costs to our customers and partners, pascom have extended the support for this phone system version by an additional year and continues to guarantee the following:

  • pascom PREMIUM Support
  • pascom desktop and mobile clients compatibility

Release Notes

pascom Client

Version Release Type Published
Release 109.R3859 and 110.R3860 Bugfix Release 10.04.2024
Release 109.R3819 Bugfix Release 12.03.2024
Release 108.R3723 Bugfix Release 13.02.2024
Release 107.R3703 und 108.R3704 Bugfix Release 06.02.2024
Release 106.R3601 Bugfix Release 30.11.2023
Release 105.R3565 and 106.R3566 Bugfix Release 21.11.2023
Release 104.R3527 Bugfix Release 31.10.2023
Release 104.R3476 Bugfix Release 18.10.2023
Release 103.R3475 Bugfix Release 18.10.2023
Release 102.R3385 Bugfix Release 19.09.2023
Release 101.R3368 Bugfix Release 05.09.2023
Release 100.R3266 Bugfix Release 17.07.2023
Release 99.R3228 Bugfix Release 03.07.2023
Release 98.R3167 Bugfix Release 13.06.2023
Release 97.R2818 Bugfix Release 08.03.2023
Release 96.R2736 Bugfix Release 13.02.2023
Release 95.R2679 Bugfix Release 12.01.2023
Release 94.R2661 Bugfix Release 02.01.2023
Release 93.R2603 Bugfix Release 16.11.2022
Release 93.R2590 Bugfix Release 09.11.2022
Release 92.R2564 Bugfix Release 19.10.2022
Release 91.R2478 Bugfix Release 01.08.2022
Release 90.R2426 Bugfix Release 15.07.2022
Release 89.R2339 Bugfix Release 05.05.2022
Release 88.R2282 Bugfix Release 05.04.2022
Release 87.R2270 Bugfix Release 22.03.2022
Release 86.R2266 Bugfix Release 16.03.2022
Release 85.R2238 Bugfix Release 24.02.2022
Release 84.R2233 Bugfix Release 22.02.2022

pascom Cloud

Version Release Type Published
Release 10.04.2024 Bugfix Release 10.04.2024
Release 23.01.2024 Bugfix Release 23.01.2024
Release 29.11.2023 Bugfix Release 29.11.2023
Release 23.10.2023 Bugfix Release 23.10.2023
Release 08.09.2023 Bugfix Release 08.09.2023
Release 18.07.2023 Bugfix Release 18.07.2023
Release 15.05.2023 Bugfix Release 15.05.2023
Release 07.03.2023 Bugfix Release 07.03.2023
Release 30.01.2023 Bugfix Release 30.01.2023
Release 23.01.2023 Bugfix Release 23.01.2023
Release 05.12.2022 Bugfix Release 05.12.2022
Release 18.10.2022 Bugfix Release 18.10.2022
Release 26.09.2022 Bugfix Release 26.09.2022
Release 05.09.2022 Bugfix Release 05.09.2022
Release 03.08.2022 Bugfix Release 03.08.2022
Release 04.07.2022 Bugfix Release 04.07.2022
Release 20.06.2022 Bugfix Release 20.06.2022
Release 08.06.2022 Bugfix Release 08.06.2022
Release 16.05.2022 Bugfix Release 16.05.2022
Release 13.04.2022 Bugfix Release 13.04.2022
Release 05.04.2022 Bugfix Release 05.04.2022

pascom Server 19

Version Release Type Published
Release 19.24 Bugfix Release 14.12.2022
Release 19.23 Bugfix Release 23.06.2022
Release 19.22 Bugfix Release 20.04.2022
Release 19.21 Bugfix Release 01.02.2022

pascom TAPI client

Version Release Type Published
Release 7.R153 Bugfix Release 10.10.2023
Release 7.R148 Bugfix Release 06.02.2023
Release 7.R143 Bugfix Release 09.11.2022
Release 7.R142 Bugfix Release 07.11.2022
Release 6.R84 Bugfix Release 22.04.2020
Release 5.R76 Bugfix Release 20.12.2019
Release 4.R56 Bugfix Release 08.03.2019
Release 3.R42 Feature Release 09.10.2018