pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

pascom onsite client release notes

For further information, please refer to our detailed Client documentation.

What’s New

  1. The pascom Onsite Client only works with an Onsite phone system in your own company.

Breaking Changes

In this section, we give you an overview of all breaking changes in the pascom client

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Known Issues

The following issues are known to us and we are already working on solutions.

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Release 93.R2749 (19.07.2023)


  • Use a different source channel for news


  • [CL-3617] Use a different source for pascom Onsite Client News

Release 93.R2621 (02.01.2023)


  • Initial release with new Logo for Onsite Installations
  • iOS/Android: Migration assistant to change mobile app pairing for onsite installations


  • [CL-3066] Fork the client into “pascom Onsite Client” for legacy pascom19
  • [CL-3177] Implement a permanent error toast if an onsite client is connected to
  • [CL-3179] Automatically migrate database from cloud to onsite on iOS
  • [CL-3188] Backport Support for Android 13 to Onsite App
  • [CL-3208] Android: Automatically transfer Pairing state from cloud to onsite app
  • [CL-3244] pascom Onsite Client translations