pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

pascom App Management

pascom Desktop App Installation
How to install the pascom desktop UC client on Windows, macOS and Linux.
7 min. read
Desktop Client Multi-User Usage
Learn in this tutorial how multiple users can use the pascom Desktop Client on the same system.
2 min. read
Desktop UC Client Update
The pascom Desktop client automatically updates itself. Through using our Update Channels, it is very simple to use for example our BETA and feature versions.
2 min. read
Mobile VoIP app setup
How to install the pascom mobile clients via the App and Play Store and pair the app using the QR Code from the pascom Server.
2 min. read
Mobile Hub Setup
The Mobile Hub setup is required if you want to use the pascom Mobile Client in GSM mode as well.
2 min. read
Web Client Configuration
In this tutorial we explain how to configure the dial-in number of the Web Client.
1 min. read
Show call participants in contact list
Have the phone numbers of your team's contacts displayed directly in the client contact list
2 min. read
pascom TAPI client setup
How to use the pascom TAPI client for Windows in order integrate TAPI enabled software such as MS Office, ERP and CRM systems etc.
7 min. read
Manage Log-Files
Learn how to manage client log files of individual users through the admin interface.
1 min. read