pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Manage Log-Files

Learn how to manage client log files of individual users through the admin interface.

Prepare the pascom Client

To get detailed support information from the pascom client in the log file, Debug Mode must be enabled in the Advanced Settings. This option sets the logging of information about the client to “Verbose “, which makes the log file more extensive.

Important: That the log file is written daily, it must be saved via the button .

pascom Client Debug Mode

Read log files with command line parameter

If the pascom client is started with the command line parameter –logcat, all data in the log database will be output and stored in the user directory in log.db.

./pascom_Client --logcat // log.db from userDir is taken

However, it is also possible to open log data from another user directory by specifying a path to the –logcat command. An example of this would be opening log data from mobile clients.

./pascom_Client --logcat "C:/path/to/log.db"