pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Desktop UC Client Update

The pascom Desktop client automatically updates itself. Through using our Update Channels, it is very simple to use for example our BETA and feature versions.

Automatic Updates

The pascom client retrieves all updates via HTTPS via This enables the backwards compatibility of the desktop client with the pascom server. If one or more pascom app processes are running and an update is started, all processes are closed.

Manual Updates

You can disable the automatic updates by using the command line option --noUpdate and then self distribute updates or manually install them. The newest desktop client can be downloaded from our Homepage.

For Terminal Server Installations, automatic updates are deactivated even without using the --noUpdate option.

If the update is carried out with administrator rights (as with the terminal server installation/update), all apps are stopped for all users so that the administrator can update the applications more easily.

Update Channels

A number of update channels are available to choose from. These can be found in the desktop client under Settings > About pascom client > Channel.

Per default, the Stable channel is selected - this contains the same version, which is available to download from our Homepage.

BETA Programme

You can switch your Update Channel the BETA channel at anytime and participate in our BETA programme.

Your input is important to us and we look forward to your feedback in our Forum

If you wish to switch from a bespoke / custom Update Channel or the BETA Channel, all your user profiles will be deleted, as this action normally relates to a downgrade. Saved within your user profile there are settings such as the desktop theme being used or the contact list sorting option. These settings must be then be newly configured.

Feature Channels

Alternatively, you can manually set a feature channel. These are occasionally added to test individual functions and are announced via our Forum or by our support team.

Activate/Deactivate automatic Updates

Automatic updates can be activated or deactivated in the Advanced Settings of the client.