pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Web Client Configuration

In this tutorial we explain how to configure the dial-in number of the Web Client.

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Setup Dial In Number

In order for your participants to be able to attend a conference using the dial-in number, you must configure an external group number in the admin web UI. To do this, go to ( > > ).

Setup Dial-in Number

As with classic conference rooms, reserve an available telephone number from your SIP trunk number block / DIDs (Direct Inward Dials) and configure it as the external group number. All groups will now use the same dial-in number for external dial-in.

Wondering how one dial-in number should work for all groups? The pascom system generates a unique PIN for each group. This way, the telephone system knows which group / conference an external participant wants to access.

If the external group number has not been configured, the feature enabling conference participation via dial-in will be missing.

No dial-in number