pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Desktop Client Multi-User Usage

Learn in this tutorial how multiple users can use the pascom Desktop Client on the same system.


The pascom Desktop Client is designed in such a way that a user profile is generated and stored locally for each client instance. If you want to allow multiple users to work with the Desktop Client on the same system with only one user profile, you need a separate data directory for each user.

Multi-User Setup

User data of a pascom client is stored in local directories on the computer. So for each user an own directory can be created.

The - -userDir parameter

The - -userDir parameter can be used to change the directory for the user profile data. This parameter is given during the execution of the pascom client and points to the respective directory location at runtime.


  1. for userA a separate directory
--userDir \tmp\UserA
  1. for userB a separate directory
--userDir \tmp\UserB

From the above example, you can see that after the - -userDir parameter, the path to the directory location is set.

Change user profiles at runtime

If you want to quickly change users on the pascom desktop client, this can be done by using an executable path + command line parameter.

Use the Windows + R key combination to get to the “Execute dialog “. Copy the following path example with your customized directory and click “OK “.

"%localappdata%\pascom Client\pascom Client.exe" --userDir \tmp\UserA

Open a new Terminal window and copy the following path example with your customized directory specification into it and press the “ENTER KEY “.

'/Applications/pascom Client' --userDir /tmp/UserA

IMPORTANT: If the terminal window is closed, this also ends the session of the pascom client.

Use desktop shortcut or AppleScript

To be able to change users more comfortably you can create Desktop shortcuts (Windows) or AppleScripts (MacOS), which at the same time contain the necessary parameters.

Create a new “shortcut “ of the pascom Client.exe. Go with a “right click “ in the “properties “ to the tab “shortcut “ and enter there under “target “, after the already existing path specification, the command line parameter.

--userDir \tmp\UserA

The complete entry should look something like this.

"C:\Users\servicedesk\AppData\Local\pascom Client\pascom Client.exe" --userDir \tmp\UserA

Open a new Scripteditor window and copy the following script example with your customized directory and press the “hammer icon “ to compile the script. Finally save the script as “App “ to start the pascom Desktop Client.

do shell script "/Applications/pascom\\\\ Client --userDir ~/tmp/UserA"

pascom desktop clients with different directory names can be used at the same time.