pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

App Feature Overview per Platform

+ - Desktop & Mobile App


This list shows a detailed breakdown of features and functions per platforms. It is not a complete feature list, it is designed to show the differences and serves not only as a decision-making resource when choosing a new device, but also as a reference for experienced users who want to utilise the full potential of their current platform.

This table only includes functions and features that are NOT supported on every platform.

Feature Windows (Desktop) MacOS (Desktop) Linux (Desktop) iOS (Mobile) Android (Mobile)
Jabra Headset integration
(Answer and hang-up buttons)
Poly Headset integration
(Answer and hang-up buttons)
Sennheiser / Epos Headset integration
(Answer and hang-up buttons)
Kuando Busylight integration
Remote control other phones
RDP mode
(User interface only - softphones are deactivated)
Custom ringtones
(external, internal, team)
Pickup notifications
Missed call notifications
Group call notifications
Automatic dark/light theme selection
Use a language other than system language
Download fax files
Client actions
Video Calls with blurred background
Video calls with background replacement
Handsfree calling
(switch during call)
Global shortcuts
Native notifications
(p.e. Windows Info Center)
DATEV integration
(with address book)
Outlook address book
Native platform address book / contacts
(p.e. Apple,- Google contacts)
Call-Kit integration
Apple Car Play
(incoming calls)
Bluetooth car integration