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Extension Switch usage

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Extension switches are a valuable tool that can be used to control the behaviour of the pascom cloud phone system. With a simple on/off switch you can e.g. switch announcements, set call forwarding or activate a completely different call flow. The application possibilities are endless.


In order to use the extension switch as an interactive element in your contact list, the corresponding roles must be defined that give you the correct permissions to use the extension switch. If you cannot find an extension switch in your contact list, contact your system administrator or IT administrator.

Extension Switch usage

In your contact list you will find the extension switch for e.g. Prompt AfterHours.

Extension Switch in the Contact List

  1. click on the Switch/- Button to activate the extension switch.

Extension Switch activated

  1. to deactivate the extension switch, click the Switch/- Button again.

Add extension switch to favourites

You can add the extension switch to your Favourites, just like any other element in your contact list. Simply click on the star symbol and the extension switch will be added to your list of favourites.

Customise extension switch

The extension switch can be visually customised to your requirements. To do so, click on the avatar image of the extension switch and you will get to further settings.

Customise Extension Switch

  1. Automatically generate an avatar image or alternatively upload a custom avatar image for the extension switch.

Who has activated the extension switch? - Last activities

To see which colleague has operated the extension switch last, you can use the activity history. The last activities of the extension switch are listed here. Click on the extension switch. Here you will find a tab with the last activities.

Durchwahlschalter Aktivitäten