pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Use Kuando Busylight

- Desktop App only

Kuando Busylight


The Kuando Busylight is a real-time presence indicator that simplifies communication between employees. Visual and audible signals for incoming calls help to avoid unnecessary disturbances and trips to colleagues desks and therefore help improve collaboration. The Kuando Busylight emits ringtones from the pascom client and signals the current call status in different colors, which makes a more pleasant working atmosphere.

Kuando Busylight LED Colors explained

The LED colors of the Busylight, depend on the call status of the respective user and show the following colors.

LED Color Red

Kuando Busylight LED Red

  1. If the Kuando Busylight is red, the user has an active call and cannot be reached.

LED Color Yellow

Kuando Busylight LED Yellow

  1. If the Busylight is Yellow, the user is currently receiving an incoming call.

LED Color Green

Kuando Busylight LED Green

  1. If the Kuando Busylight is Green, the user is available and can be called.

Kuando Busylight Setup

Connect your Kuando Busylight to your computer via USB. Usually no driver software is necessary for the setup. The pascom client will then automatically recognize the new Kuando Busylight.

Why is my Kuando Busylight automatically recognized?
This is due to the settings of the pascom client. The Kuando Busylight is a supported device and is therefore automatically recognized. The device can also be ignored if you want to use the Busylight in another application.

The following Kuando Busylight settings are only available if the user also has a pascom softphone.

  1. Open the via the pascom menu.

Open Client Settings

  1. Click on in the Settings menu.

Kuando Busylight Setup

To disable the automatic detection of Kuando Busylight, select instead of in the drop-down box.

Kuando Busylight Audio Settings

The speakers integrated in the Kuando Busylight allow you to output the ring tone of the pascom client, giving you additional signaling.

Kuando Busylight Audio Settings

  1. Select the type of ringtone and adjust the volume.