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The Call- and Team History

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In the call journal you will find the complete history of your calls. Filter options make it easy to find call records again and the detail function provides valuable information on each individual call.

Open the Call History

Click on the icon in the menu bar to access the journal.

Open Call History Open Call History via the pascom Menue

Use Filters of the Call History

Click on in the upper part of the call history.

The Call Histroy The Call History within the pascom Client

In the Filter-Options you have some setting options.

Call History Options Additional filter options in the call journal

Call Type

Filter the call history by internal / external, or by both call types.

Call Direction

Filter the call history by incoming / outgoing or both call directions.

Call Result

Filter the call history by accepted / missed calls, or view All call results.

Show more Journal Entries

Show or hide more entries like voicemailbox, system calls, faxes etc. in your call history.

Integrate team history into the call history

You can choose from which queue (of which you are a member) call data is included in your journal.

Call history icons explained

In the call journal, you will find symbols on the right-hand side of each call record, which allow you to see at a glance how the call direction and the call result went.

Call History Symbols Icons in the call history show useful information

In addition, small arrows indicate the call direction. Inbound / Outbound or Connected.

  1. by clicking on the in each call record, you start a callback.

Access further call details.

The call journal shows you even more data on each individual call. Click on the desired call record and you will get to the .

Call record detail view

In the detail view you can follow the complete process through the pascom telephone system.

Call record detail view Even more data, for every call

Find data to call history, last 3 calls, details on caller and data from the phone book.

Tip: Click on the in the “last 3 calls” section. This will take you to the corresponding call record and you can evaluate it further.

Use Team Journal

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The Team Journal gives you a complete overview of all calls made in the team you are a member of. More information about pascom teams can be found in the following tutorial.

To open the Team Journal in your Team, click on Team Journal.

Open the Team Journal Call data of the queue in your team

Team journal filtering and customization

In the Team-Journal all functions, filters and settings are available to you again, just like in your personal call history.

Additionally, you can integrate the Team Journal into your personal journal, as described in this section.

Team-Journal explained

The team journal is essentially no different from your personal call journal.

Team Journal Details The Team-Journal in detail

In call records created from a Team you can get the following additional information.

  1. In which Team the call record was created. e.g. Support.
  2. What happened to the call (call result), as well as which colleague from your team answered / took the call.

Read and unread call journal entries

The call journal allows users to make a detailed organization of their journal entries and at the same time share the visibility of read and unread calls with team members.

unread marker Unread symbol in the main menu

  1. Visibility of the marker in your own journal and in the team journal:
    In addition to the personal journal, read and unread markers are also displayed in the team journal. Journal entries in the team journal are visible to all users by default to enable efficient collaboration. The read markers in your own call journal are only visible to you.

  2. Display of the read marker in team and private journal entries:
    In both the team and private journals, you will see markers next to each missed call indicating the read status. Unread entries are marked by a small blue info symbol.

Unread missed call Unread missed call in the call journal

  1. Mark entries as read:
    If you click on a missed call in the journal and switch to the detailed view, the journal entry is marked as read. The unread symbol automatically disappears from the journal entry. In the team journal, this is visible to all users at the same time.

  2. Mass marking of entries in the call journal:
    To mark all entries in the call journal as read at once, use the “Mark all as read” option at the top of the team journal page. This will cause all icons to disappear and all entries will be marked as “read”.

  3. Filter by read status:
    Use the filter options to differentiate between read and unread entries in the call journal and increase clarity.

  4. Mark journal entry as unread again:
    To do this, go to the detailed view of a journal entry and select “Mark as unread “ from the menu at the top. The unread symbol will then reappear on the journal entry. In the team journal, this will be visible to all users at the same time.

Mark journal entry as unread again Mark journal entry as unread again