pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Mobile App Troubleshooting for Android and iOS

- Mobile App only

In this guide, you will find useful help for individual problem cases that can occur on Android and iOS operating systems.


We always strive to provide our mobile apps as performant and user-friendly as possible. This is where the underlying architecture of smartphone operating systems plays an important role. Each adaptation of Android, which is customized for different manufacturers, as well as the iOS operating system have certain restrictions and built-in optimization features, which in some cases can cause the application to misbehave when using the pascom mobile app. In the following guide, you will find a summary of useful guidlines that can help in problem cases.

TIP: Use a docking station for Always On function (Android/iOS)

A first very helpful hint for a permanent use of the smartphone as a phone device replacement is the use of a docking station, which continuously supplies the mobile device with power. The pascom Mobile Client has a built-in Always On function that leaves the display always on when the pascom Client is in focus.

Advantage: Transferring, accepting and making calls from the pascom Desktop Client via the mobile device works seamlessly and is therefore much faster, as the pascom Mobile App does not have to be woken up by a push call first.


Battery optimization for the pascom Mobile App (Android)

When you start the pascom mobile app, the following notification may appear across the top of the client.

pascom energy optimisation notification

Message: - pascom App battery optimisation is enabled

The Solution

Click Details link within the notification in order to open the following screen:

pascom energy optimisation notification details

By pressing the button, the pascom app will automatically adjust the apps battery optimisation settings in order to ensure maximum performance. In order to proceed and allow the changes, you must press Allow.

pascom App battery usage optimisation

Manually Disable battery optimization settings

You can also manually disable energy saving settings for the pascom app. To do this, go to apps settings menu on your smartphone and search for the pascom Client.

Deactivate pascom battery optimisation

Tap the icon in order to disable the Optimise battery usage within the next screen. Note, you may need to select All Apps from the drop down list.

Deactivate pascom battery optimization

The way to the battery optimization settings is different for each manufacturer.

Manufacturer Path to Settings
HTC Settings > Power > Battery optimization > Not optimized > All apps > pascom > Don’t optimize
Huawai 1. Turn Energy Settings to Normal and add pascom to “Protected Apps.

2. Settings > Apps > Advanced > Ignore optimizations > Allowed > All apps > pascom > Allow.
LG Settings > Battery & power saving > Battery usage > Ignore optimizations > turn ON for pascom.
Motorola Settings > Battery > select the menu in the upper right-hand corner > Battery optimization > Not optimized > All Apps > pascom > Don’t Optimize.
OnePlus (OxygenOS Settings) Settings > Battery > Battery optimization > select menu at the top > switch to All apps list > pascom > Don’t optimize.
Samsung Settings > Apps > select the menu in the upper right-hand corner > Special access > Optimize battery usage > All apps > Toggle OFF for pascom.
Sony Settings > Battery > select the menu in the upper right-hand corner > Battery optimization > Apps > pascom.
Xiaomi (MIUI OS) Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & performance > Manage apps battery usage > apps > pascom.

Problems waking up the pascom mobile app for incoming calls (Android).

In some cases, this problem may be related to too aggressive settings for “battery optimization”. There is no real technical solution to this problem, as each Android smartphone manufacturer can include their own code and logic for battery management, resulting in a myriad of different behaviors.

General notes:

  1. pascom mobile app should be excluded from all “battery optimizations” of the Android operating system.
  2. use a docking station for permanent use of the pascom Mobile App.
  3. pascom Mobile App has its own power management in which the battery consumption is optimized and regulated. Messages and calls are reliably received in the background via push calls.

Problems waking up the pascom mobile app for incoming calls via a queue (Android/iOS)

The main reason for this behavior is that all push calls to wake up the pascom Mobile App have different delays (latencies). This also applies to push calls with high priority. The mobile device itself, also still needs some time to connect to the cloud phone system.All these latencies add up to several seconds.
If you have a high volume queue, short wait times, or agents that respond quickly, a call may be answered before it actually arrives at the mobile device.


  1. keep your mobile device switched on e.g. in a docking station and the pascom Mobile Client in the foreground. This eliminates all push and connection latencies.