pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Downgrade & Cancel Subscriptions

If you want to reduce the number of licenses of your pascom subscription or cancel your pascom subscription altogether, then we have a guide below to simplify the steps in this process for you.

To do so, log in to the mypascom portal with your account details and go to your account details.

In the details overview you will find the button .

cancel pascom Subscription

Cancel at the end of the term

In the next window you will get a notice about your minimum contract term. The date you are shown there is also your cancellation date. The pascom telephone system will be switched off on this date and the subscription will be cancelled. There is also no cancellation period that you have to adhere to.

Regardless of when you cancel the subscription during your contract period, your telephone system will continue to work until the cancellation date.

The pascom telephone system is still fully functional until the cancellation date is reached. Use this remaining term to perform a data backup of your telephone system. It is not possible to restore your data after the minimum contract period has expired.

Click on the button . This confirms the cancellation of your pascom subscription.

Downgrade pascom subscription - reduce number of user licenses

You can only reduce the number of user licenses in your subscription after the minimum contract term. However, you can reduce the number of users at any time, but the adjustment is made automatically as soon as the minimum contract term is reached. After the minimum contract term, you can make the change at the end of a month.

In the details overview you will find the button .

pascom subscription downgrade

In the following window, reduce your number of users to the desired size and click through the ordering process. As soon as the process is complete, you will find the changed number of users in the detailed overview of your subscription.

(In our example, the reduction in the number of user licenses will only be carried out at the end of the minimum contract term.)

new user licenses

Reducing the number of user licenses does not result in a new minimum contract term.