pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Guide to pascom Credits

In the pascom world, credits are known as pascom Credits. Your account can receive pascom credits in different ways. You can find an overview of your current pascom credits under account details, as well as in your monthly invoice.

pascom Credits

Where do pascom credits come from?

pascom credits often come from the monthly billing period. This ensures the maximum flexibility for performing product upgrades.


For example, it is currently the middle of the month and you would like to upgrade your subscription. When you perform the upgrade, you will be charged the amount shown on the invoice. However, your account will be credited with pascom credits for the period backdated to the beginning of the month.

What can pascom credits be used for?

Your pascom credits are exclusively used and applied for the next billing period. Therefore, it is not possible to redeem pascom credits in the form of a voucher or a bank transfer. Transferring pascom Credits to third parties, i.e. from one pascom account to another, is also not possible.

Credited credits cannot be paid out!