pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

My Subscriptions

In the mypascom customer portal, you can find an overview of all your subscriptions under the menu item - . A subscription is also simultaneously coupled with your phone system. It therefore feels like you are also managing your phone systems. The subscription takes care of the commercial part in the pascom world.

Overview my Subscriptions

A subscription is at the same time the telephone system.

We have now learned that a subscription also reflects the telephone system. Let’s see what data can be extracted from a single subscription and how they are interpreted.

Overview of my subscriptions

Subscription overview explanation:

data description
Appliance ID The ID of the subscription or the telephone system in the pascom Cloud
asvonehost Name of the telephone system in the pascom Cloud
pascom Training ONE The owner of the subscription or telephone system
4 Concurrent User Number of booked licenses in this subscription. This number can be used by users and devices on the pascom telephone system.
Type: pascom ONE The booked product type in this subscription. Also reflects the type of telephone system
Next billing date Here you can see when the next invoice for your subscription will be generated

You can further upgrade the subscription directly in the subscription overview by clicking on the and thus extend the number of licenses.

Upgrade Subscription

The subscription details at a glance

If you click on the button in the subscription overview, you will be taken to the subscription details, which are specific to the selected subscription. From here you can manage the subscription, upgrade, get technical support, change the phone plan, or even cancel the subscription.

Overview Subscription Details

Frequently used - opening the admin interface via the mypascom customer portal.

In the subscription details you will find the URL to your telephone system in the pascom cloud. Click on the URL and you will be taken directly to the admin interface of the telephone system without having to log in with the administrator account data beforehand. The necessary authentication steps have already been performed by logging into the mypascom Kudenportal.