mobydick 7.10

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Release 07.10.08

Bugfix Release, Published: 18.03.2016


md-cmd 7.10.08

  • Improved Fritzbox trunk template
  • Improved Telekom SIP trunk template
  • Added SIP provider Template for (Karlsruhe)
  • Added SIP provider Template for Tele2 (Österreich)
  • Added SIP provider Template for voipGate (Luxemburg)
  • Voicemail e-mails will now be sent with the correct from address
  • When searching for an extension switch, the correct dialog is now opened
  • Resolved issue relating to incoming SIP calls routed over Patton & beroNet devices to analog devices

md-client 3.05.07

  • On OS X 10.7 a “Non-Supported Operating System” warning will now be dsiplayed
  • Fixed the problem of setting a standard audio device for the mobydick softphone

ex-mobydick 2.09.05

  • Problems with Open-LDAP Start scripts have been resolved
  • Repaired the Asterisk Logrotate configuration

Release 07.10.07

Bugfix Release, published: 02.12.2015


md-cmd 7.10.07

  • Added Provider template for UK SIP provider Gradwell
  • Improved Attended Transfer on Aastra telephones
  • Resolved diverse issues related to mobydick 6 to 7 migrations
  • Removed obsolete system setting “sys.updater.proxy”
  • Improved LDAP support for Snom M700 DECT Gateways
  • Fixed an issue within the Web UI resulting from setting particular queue options
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect redirects when setting a base configuration as standard
  • Improved the handling of various number formats within the Mobile Hub

md-xmppserver 2.09.06

  • Resolved the problem with the data model which stemmed from applying telephony configurations

md-client 3.05.06

  • Added a start option for Windows, which prevents client crashed under certain Windows 10 systems when opening drop down menus.
  • Fixed the error relating to the saving of the last used work station
  • Fixed a number of translation errors

ex-mobydick 2.09.04

  • ISO-Backup Jobs which have the –skip-XXXX Parameter set, no longer result in an “Unknown Error”
  • Incorporated LDAP-Server Patches for Snom M700 support

Release 07.10.06

Bugfix Release, published: 02.12.2015


md-cmd 7.10.06

  • Phone book entries can now be organised better within the WebUI
  • Resolved problem relating to the optimising of phone book entries during an update
  • Fixed issue of displaying phonebook entries containing an apostrophe “ ‘ “.
  • If a user’s fax device has been configured, the fax number will now be automatically shown within their internal phonebook entry
  • Call forwarding in the WebUI can now also contain a * or #
  • The network interface with the cluster IP is now more clearly listed in the telephony settings
  • Fixed the error within the Actions Editor that under certain circumstances resulted in the “type” column entry changing by itself 
  • After an Update more disk space will be made available
  • Temporary Offline Update files are cleaned up immediately after an update
  • The input fields used for configuring LDAP authentication will now not have any length limits

md-xmppserver 2.09.05

  • Searching chat archives function has been optimised. 
  • Problem with incoming calls via a speed dial has been fixed

md-client 3.05.05

  • Searching chat archives function has been optimised. 
  • An error message will now be displayed should a user try to send a directory folder instead of a file using the client chat function
  • Resolved minor display issues within the interface
  • Click-to-Dial is now more stable
  • Improved translations
  • Outlook integration now also searches the subdirectories of the selected contacts folder

md-updater 1.10.02

  • Internal code modifications

ex-mobydick 2.09.03

  • Fixed problem with special characters in the password entry
  • Improved Asterisk stability when validating certain entries

Release 07.10.05

Bugfix Release, published: 29.10.2015

Important notice regarding this update:
For technical reasons, the mobydick 7.10.04 release has been skipped. The modifications contained within have been integrated directly into the present 7.10.05 release .


md-cmd 7.10.05

  • When performing an update, the LDAP service is now stopped to prevent problems
  • More feedback during the update process
  • Fixed some minor update problems
  • Fixed a problem with Excel export for the Journal
  • The admin user login name can not be changed anymore (otherwise problems with authentication occur)
  • Better display of HINT status for external devices
  • Added SIP template for SBB (Serbia Broadband)
  • Users with role “Phonebook Manager” will no longer be listed as administrators in the WebUI 
  • There is a new menu option for deleting a user’s entire phone book or the PBX phone book
  • Fixed problem when recording incoming calls
  • A user’s voicemail box can now be reset
  • The CLIP configuration is now provisioned correctly for beroNet gateways with firmware 3.X
  • A billing report can now be generated for “AllUsers”
  • Fixed issue when creating users with a different default language
  • Fixed issue with email configuration with username, password and deviant SMTP port
  • In a failed login the selected language remains
  • Codecs can now be configured / overwritten properly
  • The phonebook cache can now be emptied
  • The CDR REST Service once again sends the HTTP header “application/json”
  • Fixed issue with the overly strict validation of location names
  • Fixed some minor UI glitches

md-xmppserver 2.09.04

  • Fixed issue when recording incoming calls
  • Fixed issue with the Journal display during Pickup
  • Fixed issue with ghost calls in queue
  • Minor bug fixes
  • XMPP vCard cache will be scaled dynamically
  • The XMPP server now admits invalid data periodically

md-client 3.05.04

  • Fixed another issue with Windows Client concerning the Focus Stealing
  • Fixed issue when retrieving an on hold call when using the mobydick Softphone
  • Fixed translation errors in the notification for outgoing file transfers
  • If the softphone is not selected as the preferred device, it no longer rings for incoming calls
  • Added feature for showing / packing of diagnostic information
  • Every client dialog now has a title
  • Improved translations
  • Fixed an issue when displaying links in multiline Chat messages
  • Fixed issue when setting call forwarding within the client
  • The combined selector / search box now has an improved behavior when filtering the contact list
  • Status Text in client will now be automatically updated without needing to press RETURN / ENTER
  • The language file export now exports the actual English texts for en_US
  • Improved copy / paste function within the Linux client

Release 07.10.03

Bugfix Release, published: 18.09.2015

Anyone who has configured the authentication process to be performed against an external LDAP - Server will need to reconfigure this after updating to 7.10.03. This is because a few parameters have been modified in this version and the older settings can not be automatically migrated. Should these settings not be reconfigured after updating, then users who are setup using the authentication method “EXTERNAL” will no longer be able to log into the mobydick client!


md-cmd 7.10.03

  • LDAP authentication has been newly implemented and now functions across multiple organisational units (OU)
  • External devices (mobile phones) can now be used to dial out from the client (using REST Originate Dial)
  • It is now possible to test (headset) speech quality and settings by using a specifically designated system extension. 
  • Under Appliance > Services > Telephony, it is now possible to configure the Asterisk-Loglevel for consoles and messages.log
  • Standard system languages (German & English) can no longer by “accidentally” deleted. 
  • Improved the Provisioniong for the Snom M700 (Password changes, Multi Cell mode)
  • Added the missing system setting sys.fax.configure.tries
  • The number of days remaining before subscription licence renewal will once again be displayed correctly.
  • The change password field will once again be available to the system administrator. 
  • The REST Service /services/cdr can now optionally output the data as CSV or XLSX

md-xmppd 2.07.02

  • Internal code modifications

md-xmppserver 2.09.02

  • When an Asterisk core reload is performed, then the XMPP server with now reliably refresh the telephone statuses. 
  • Team / Queue presence info will also be updated reliably even during high load periods

md-client 3.05.02

  • mobydick client is now available in Spanish
  • various English translations have also been improved. 
  • Upon opening the mobydick softphone audio device settings, the devices will be rescanned by the operating system
  • New menu option for making a test call for testing headset quality / settings
  • Should you click on a different letter whilst the phonebook entries are being loaded, the entries will now be correctly displayed. 

md-updater 1.10.01

  • Internal code modifications

ex-mobydick 2.09.02

  • Fixed the issue when, under certain circumstances, a /etc/essex/settings.propertiese file could be produced. This will no longer happen

Release 07.10.02

Bugfix Release, Published: 11.11.2015


md-cmd 7.10.02

  • Trunks can once again selected and added using the templates
  • The size of the XMPP-Vcard caches can now be changed within the system settings

Release 07.10.01

Bugfix Release, Security Updates, Published: 14.07.2015


md-cmd 7.10.01

  • Resolved Administrator user password authentication security issue, which in some cases affected the password authentication
  • When updating a version < 7.09, the connector profile for user imports will now be correctly migrated
  • Resolved problem relating to reimporting migrated CSV connector profile phone book imports
  • Resolved issue with exporting connector profiles
  • Login screen layout no longer disrupted upon displaying multiple error messages
  • The standard extensions within extension pools can now be altered
  • When a “in name of the telephone book entry” occurs, the text will no longer be truncated

md-xmppserver 2.09.01

  • Fixed problem with the display of combined hints

md-client 3.05.01

  • Fixed issue with copying company phone book entries into the personal telephone book
  • Small improvements with translations
  • Small layout modifications

ex-mobydick 2.09.01

  • Diverse security updates

Release 07.10.00

Minor Release, mobydick Connector, new Telephone Book, Univention Integration, Published: 26.06.2015

Important notice about this Update:
After the update, the Linux User “root” and “admin” will have the same password as the Web UI “admin”

Notice for snom M700 Users:
If you already have a snom M700 DECT System in operation, this system will be identified by mobydick 7.10 upon the next reboot of a sender, meaning it will also be newly configured. This will result in the loss of your previously manually configured settings and the end user devices will need to be assigned again. You can avoid this in that you can reconfigure your mobydick DHCP server before updating to md 7.10.


md-cmd 7.10.00

  • SRTP Media encryption can now be activated more simply via “Services > Telephony” .
  • Asterisk Bind Addresses, Codecs as well as SIP-TCP Support can now be configured under  ”Services > Telephony”
  • Icinga SIP check now takes into account the configured Asterisk Bind Addresses.
  • Number pools for extensions have been implemented.
  • If a new user or queue (among others) be added, an extension will be automatically suggested.
  • Connector-Imports can now be carried out without extension numbers as the extension will be automatically added from the number pool
  • The Excel Importer can now also added mobydick softphones as well.
  • A random PIN will be generate for new users.
  • Users can be added without passwords. These users will NOT be able to access the client.
  • Autoprovisioning Support for snom M700 Multicell DECT System and Handsets
  • The Connector has been completely revamped and now includes a profile database as well as being able to import hierarchical data.
  • A new easy to use template for importing data from a Univention Corporate Server (UCS) or MS Active Directory is now available
  • Connector-Profiles can now be down and uploaded. 
  • The Connector can now extract the to be imported data from CIFS/SMB/Windows-Share when importing from a CSV file
  • Should a doubled column name be encountered when importing via the CSV connector profile, these will now be number instead of being discarded.
  • Connector simulations now display a maximum of the first 500 datasets 
  • The LDAP Server is now much more efficiently integrated and has direct access to telephone book database data, e.g. a applying a telephone book is no longer necessary.
  • New processing list for telephone books within the Web UI, which can handle a higher number of entries (>100,000).
  • Telephone book REST API has been restructured. 
  • XML telephone book for Aastra/Snom/Yealink have been restructured.
  • The phonebook.edit Role type has been removed. The central telephone book can now be edited directly from within the client, should the user have the assigned permission “Telephone Book Management” or higher. 
  • mobydick users and administrators can now be either internally or externally authenticated via LDAP. Only the system admin must remain local.
  • Linux root and admin accounts will now be matched using the Web UI admin password. A corresponding notification will appear in the web UI (admin account only).
  • Icinga now also checks the availability of external authentication servers. A notification message will appear directly in the login screen should a there be a problem. 
  • The web UI is now available via HTTPS. By unsecured access, a warning will appear along with a link to the login screen. 
  • The Apply menu has been consolidated and summarised to only a few items. 
  • When adding a generic SIP device (e.g. softphone), random access details will now be suggested.

md-xmppd 2.07.00

  • External authentication has been integrated.

md-xmppserver 2.09.00

  • External authentication has been integrated.
  • Modifications to a new telephone book structure and new LDAP setup.
  • Start process of the XMPP Server has been improved.

md-client 3.05.00

  • Linux Client has been revamped. Now contains a suitable Java Runtime and the modydick Softphone.
  • The client now breaks the first login attempt after just 5 seconds, should the server not be reachable.
  • New Flexpanel Widget: shows information regarding the currently logged client users.
  • New Flexpanel Widget: shows Roster Groups.
  • Flexpanel: the phone numbers of incoming calls can now be displayed in more optimal larger sizes.
  • Telephone book has been completely reworked. The personal and company phonebooks are now available as a list and can be managed completely from within the client.
  • Implemented function for to create/display a phonebook entry from an ongoing call, search result or from within the journal .
  • Copying of phone numbers is now possible from all masks.
  • Should the user only have one phone, the associate name will be displayed as read only.
  • The Softphone now automatically uses SRTP if it is activated within mobydick.

md-snom-data 3.06.00

  • Integrated snom M700 firmware 

md-tapi 2.02.00

  • A call can now be pickup via TAPI (only on supported devices).
  • Pickup Support.
  • The setup can now be install either a Release or Debug version.

md-updater 1.10.00

  • Implemented Offline Update.

ex-mobydick 2.09.00

  • dhcpdump tool has been integrated.
  • LDAP modifications