mobydick 7.12

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Release 07.12.06

Bugfix Release, Published: 26.01.2017


md-cmd 7.12.06

  • When faxing, an empty E-mail Content is no longer be sent as the first page, when the fax server is configured with the “Fax with content of this email”
  • An E-mail’s priority is now only used for the Fax job priority: higher priority e-mails are then processed first.
  • Increased reliability of received faxes deletion functionality
  • Resolved issue with the faxgetty-process: receiving faxes is not more consistent and the faxgetty process is now monitored by Icinga.
  • The fax server now allows a set number of modems to be reserved for incoming faxes
  • Syntax errors in Lua-Action-Scripts are now only outputted once instead of twice
  • Incoming Call Rules Fallback Extensions are now correctly taken into account
  • The Scripts “Used by” Tab now also displays Queues (i.e. Routing Scripts)
  • Should the Update Server not be reachable, an error notification now appears more quickly.
  • Improved device MAC-Address validation process
  • It is now possible to automatically set a Clock source for Patton E1 Gateways
  • Improved language localisations

md-firmware 2.12.03

  • Integrated Asterisk 11.6-cert16
  • nano is once again available

md-client 3.08.03

  • Client shortcut key for the search box now automatically places the cursor in the search box
  • Private Telephone book entries are now automatically cleaned up when logging out of the client
  • Entering an (invalid) Group Name containing a # symbol is now prevented with a warning notification
  • Chat Window font under Ubuntu Linux is no longer displayed in italics
  • Passwords containing special characters can now be saved within the client
  • Transfers using 2 digit extensions is now possible
  • Should one copy a company phoneboook entry into their private phonebook, the correct entry is now opened.
  • Resovled occasional Crash Problems with the softphone under Windows Server 2008

md-tapi 2.03.03

  • Increased the TAPI Interface setup Timeout to 3 seconds
  • TAPI interface now reports additional Line-Address-Capabilities which enhances compatibility with numerous ERP Systems

Release 07.12.05

Bugfix Release, published: 11.11.2016


md-cmd 7.12.05

  • PHP errors encountered during Job Execution will now be noted within the Jobs-Log.
  • Fixed the issue relating to adding a connector profiles, when the SMB path or password contained a backslash ( \ ).
  • All links from the Login screen Service menu tab now open within a new browser tab.
  • Added new SIP Provider trunk template for “Equada”.
  • When a call is transferred from one queue to another, the custom Queue options will no longer overwrite the configurations of the second queue.
  • The extension “0”, and extensions with a leading 0 are no longer permitted.
  • Resolved issues relating to adding beroNet-CAPI devices.
  • Fixed the rarely occuring Race-Condition when restoring a database backup.
  • BeroNet Gateways which do not have a Gateway IP configured can now be added to pascom phone systems.
  • Asterisk Hints for call forwarding will now be generated on demand.
  • Improved language localisations.
  • Fixed the problem Icinga database checks resulting from passwords containing certain characters.
  • Print-To-Fax with service codes works again.

md-client 3.07.04

  • The Softphone now restarts after a password update.
  • Fixed various causes of Softphone crashes.

md-firmware 2.11.04

  • Kernel Fix for CVE-2016-5195 “Dirty Cow”
  • Offline Update works again.
  • Asterisk Version updated to 11.6-cert15
  • Various additional bug fixes

Release 07.12.04

Bugfix Release, Published: 20.09.2016


md-cmd 7.12.04.R

  • Improved reliability of Dialplan loop detection tool
  • IAX-Modems now register themselves correctly with Asterisk even on deviating Bind Addresses
  • Updated Dialplan script for the QueueMetrics Integration
  • More concise / informative error notifications upon a failed QueueMetrics - REST synchronisation
  • Resolved the problem relating to Icinga Database Checks in combination with certain characters contained with a password
  • Fixed the file permissions error with certain Cron-Jobs
  • Resolved the problem with adding a Cluster Slave

md-xmppd 2.09.03.R

  • Internal modifications

md-xmppserver 2.11.04.R

  • Internal modifications

md-client 3.07.03.R

  • Internal modifications

md-jasperreports 1.05.01.R

  • Internal modifications

md-tapi 2.03.02.R

  • Internal modifications

md-firmware 2.11.03.R

  • Manpages for Linux commands are available again
  • When an installation starts, the mobydick version will be displayed on the screen instead of the firmware version
  • Small Bugfixes, Internal modifications

Release 07.12.03

Bugfix Release, Published: 17.08.2016


md-cmd 7.12.03

  • Password lenght restrictions will now be validated. For technical reasons, the password length is restricted to 25 characters.
  • All files within the /var/log/jobs directory will now be automatically cleaned up.
  • New device configuration menu functionality: device ring “delays” (wait internal / external) & “timeouts” can now be modified and simultaneously applied to a complete range of devices.
  • Resolved the issue relating to displaying voicemail phone numbers.
  • Within user display names and work location names, it is no longer possible to use “/”. Existing entries containing “/” characters will be automatically converted to “-”.
  • Icinga now checks whether the Update-Task (050399) has been successfully completed.
  • Updated R-Kom VoIP provider template.
  • Fixed the prompts issue in conjunction with G722 codecs
  • When modifying the XMPP domain, the chat archive and additional elements will also be updated accordingly.
  • Fixed the UI issue relating queue configuration in conjunction with “Auto-Fill/Answer Channel”.
  • Cronjob error e-mails now also contain the system host names.
  • Action conditions for Skills will now be correctly generated when adding a new Skill.

md-client 3.07.02

  • When opening a URL or starting a script as a client action, call label values can also be given with the request
  • The integrated mobydick softphone now supports 3-way-conferencing

md-sound 1.01.01

  • Updated prompt files

md-snom-data 3.08.01

  • Added Spanish voice files for Snom telephones

Release 07.12.02

Bugfix Release, Published: 24.05.2016


md-cmd 7.12.02

  • Resolved the problem relating to the updating Cluster systems
  • LDAP search filters within the mobydick connector can once again be edited / modified
  • Modified Exim4 configuration - unnecessary notifications will no longer be sent
  • Fixed the issue with ISDN-via-SIP devices on Patton Gateways
  • Resolved Patton Gateway provisioning issues
  • Unregistered devices which do not have a peer assigned (no-auth-in-Context) can no longer make emergency calls - this previously lead to security issues.
  • Fixed the error when adding scripts
  • When saving a Server Plugin Script, an apply telephony configurations prompt will appear
  • By Queue scripts, the teams that use the script will now be displayed in the “Used by” tab
  • “Apply Icinga Configuration” now restarts the Icinga Service, should it not already be running
  • There is now a CLIP no screening example rule in the Trunk Editor
  • The sending of SIP-NOTIFY messages to telephones is now more reliable
  • Database Backups no longer try to secure the entire disk when encountering a missing directory, e.g no voicemail directory
  • Improved english localisations of the mobydick commander

md-xmppserver 2.11.02

  • Deleted Server Plugin Scripts will now be removed cleanly

Release 07.12.01

Bugfix Release, Published: 14.04.2016


md-cmd 7.12.01

  • Improved login notification texts for if and when a problem with the system monitoring occurs
  • Database restore user interface (UI) now displays the correct number of Faxes, Voicemails and Call Recordings

md-xmppd 2.09.01

  • Resolved the seldom occurring problem related to the migration of the XMPP server database tables

md-xmppserver 2.11.01

  • Resolved the seldom occuring problem related to the migration of the XMPP server database tables

md-client 3.07.01

  • New Codesigning Certificate for Windows 

md-tapi 2.03.01

  • New Codesigning Certificate for Windows 

md-updater 1.12.01

  • Fixed the seldom occurring issue which resulted in the Apache Server not being able to start after an update from mobydick 7.11 or earlier. 

ex-mobydick 2.11.01

  • Also integrated Kernel 3.2 for the 64-bit version (previously 3.16) due to problems with various beroNet Appliances

Release 07.12.00

Minor Release, Auerswald Provisioning, New Debian, Outbound Rules within the client, Published: 07.04.2016

Important notice about this update::
1. Junghanns Cards no longer supported
Please note that with mobydick phone system version 7.12, Junghanns cards are no longer be supported. The update will only be possible once you have uninstalled any configured cards. As an upgrade to Junghanns cards, our recommendation is to do so using a beroNet card / gateway. If you have questions or would like some consultation on upgrade options, please contact our sales team - phone: +49 991 29691-200 / +44 203 1379-964 or e-mail us on:
2. Dynamic conference rooms are no longer available
Due to the switch from Meetme to the new Conf_Bridge, the dynamic conference rooms functionality has been temporarily removed.
3. Installation on mini.Appliance
Please be aware that the installation process on the mobydick mini.Appliance may take more than 30min. Even if you can see the login screen, the installation might still be in process.

mobydick 7.12 Release Keynote

mobydick 7.12 Live & Uncut Mathias and James from the VoIP Guys showcasing during the Release Keynote and introducing all our latest innovations included in the newest mobydick phone system version.


md-cmd 7.12.00

  • Added support for copy-paste licences
  • Added Support for Android-based Auerswald IP desk phones (1400IP, 2600IP, 3600IP)
  • Removed support for Junghanns cards
  • PHP version updated to 5.6
  • Adjustments for Debian Wheezy
  • Database backup / restore now includes optional voice mails, recordings and received faxes
  • integrated conf_bridge-based conference rooms
  • Removed dynamic conference rooms
  • Revised code for number resolution
  • Integrated compatibility for CloudStack Hosting

md-xmppd 2.09.00

  • Revised Logrotate Configuration
  • Database schema has been merged with Commander database

md-xmppserver 2.11.00

  • Server API enhanced in order to be able to select outbound rules within the client
  • PhoneCallRecords expanded with more information
  • Support for conf_bridge conference rooms

md-aastra-data 2.05.00

  • Adjustments due to Debian Wheezy

md-client 3.07.00

  • Different Outbound Rules (trunks) can now be selected from within the client if the rule has been so configured
  • Added support for mobydick CloudStack
  • Integrated current JRE

md-jasperreports 1.05.00

  • Adjustments due to Debian Wheezy

md-moh-basic 3.02.00

  • Adjustments to Debian Wheezy

md-sound 1.01.00

  • Adjustments due to Debian Wheezy

md-snom-data 3.08.00

  • Adjustments due to Debian Wheezy

md-updater 1.12.00

  • Added support for copy-paste licenses
  • Update blocker installed, in case a Junghanns card is in operation

md-yealink-data 2.04.00

  • Adjustments to Debian Wheezy

ex-mobydick 2.11.00

  • Operating system updated to Debian Wheezy
  • PHP updated to version 5.6
  • PostgreSQL updated to version 9.4
  • Added support for mobydick CloudStack
  • DAHDI support removed
  • Updated Asterisk to version 11.6 cert12
  • JRE 8u74 integrated
  • Kernel 3.16 for 64bit versions integrated
  • Kernel 3.2 for 32bit versions integrated