Accessing & Using the Admin UI

Finding your System’s IP Address

In order to access the system, you will require the IP address of the telephone system. The default IP address for a pre-installed IP phone system, (SOHO, SMB & Enterprise Servers) is on the port as highlighted in the accompanying info sheet or labelled. If you are not sure about system’s IP address, you can find it through using the pascom text user interface TUI.

Accessing the Web Interface

  1. Use any web browser and access the system’s interface by entering https://[pascom_IP_Address] as the URL. Should you not use https, a warning will appear that informs you that the network connection is not encrypted. Screenshot - WUI per Http To access the pascom web UI per HTTPS, you must agree to a self-signed certificate.

  2. Log into the web UI using the username adminand default password mobydick (should you have not entered a different password during the setup process). Screenshot - WUI per https

Sessions remain active for 30 minutes of inactivity meaning new log in are required. Should you be working on a public computer, after finishing your work remember to log out of your pascom commander session in order to prevent unauthorized access from other people. To do this simply click the Logout button.

Accesing the TUI

The Text User Interface (TUI) allows you to adjust basic configurations, e.g. IP address and Host names etc. To use the TUI, please connect a display to your pascom server, pascom Appliance or pascom server or refer to the virtual machine console. The screen will show you your network card IP addresses which can be configured under Configure Network.

Start Screen

Screenshot - pascom TUI

Here it is possible to read the IP address for both network interfaces. By entering the IP address in your preferred browser, you will be able to access the pascom web UI.

In order to access the main menu, you will need to press the F2 kex and ender the system password ( default mobydick ).

  1. Logout
    • Return to the start screen
  2. Configure Network (s. below)
  3. Shutdown
    • Shutdown or restart the system
  4. Open Shell
    • Opens a Shell with root permissions
  5. Set system password
    • Change the system password. You will need to enter the password twice to confirm changes
    • The system password is valid for both the admin and the root User
  6. Configure timezone
    • Allows you to setup you your timezone
  7. Change system language
    • English and German are currently available
    • Only changes the TUI language, not that of the web UI
  8. Create backup
    • Creates a backup of your pascom phone system (see Backup and Restore)

Configure Network

Changes to the network are implemented using the same process as when using the web interface. See Network Configuration.

he system will show all available network cardstui: Screenshot - TUI Network Settings


  • static: The IP address is assigned to the interface on every start of the system..
  • dhcp: A DHCP server assigns the IP address.
  • unconfigured: The interface (card) is deactivated.

Access per SSH

To use SSH when accessing pascom, please follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Start an SSH client of your choice. For Windows, we recommend using PuTTY. More information can be found at
  2. Enter the predetermined IP address as the host address.
  3. Log in as user admin and the default password mobydick or the password you chose during setup.
  4. To log in as user root, enter the command su - and the password you chose.

Accessing the Asterisk CLI

pascom uses Asterisk Telephony Software as its basis. Asterisk offers a CLI (Command Line Interface) in which you can monitor and debug all telecommunications traffic as long as you are a root user and logged in using SSH. At the command prompt, enter asterisk -r.

Screenshot - Asterisk CLI der pascom

More information on the Asterisk CLI can be found here