pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Automatic Call Distribution

Call Distribution using Actions
Configure your pascom cloud phone system Call Distribution actions for professional call routing
6 min. read
Call Distribution with Labels
Configure the call distribution in the pascom telephone system with labels
6 min. read
Business Hours, Public Holidays and Calendars
How to setup schedules, time checks, calendars and extension switches to manage your business hours, public and company holidays.
5 min. read
Custom Prompts and Music on Hold
How to import and use custom prompts and music on hold in teams, IVRs and actions.
7 min. read
IVR Menus
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus are used to steer and direct callers through option menus to enhance call routing and customer service.
5 min. read
Skills based routing setup
Skills Based Routing is an advanced call routing strategy that directs calls to the contact center agents who are best qualified to fulfill the incoming caller's requirements.
5 min. read