pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

pascom Connector Imports

Users from CSV-File
Import your users from external systems via CSV
3 min. read
Users from LDAP Directory
Synchronise and Authenticate your Users against LDAP
5 min. read
Users from Microsoft Active Directory
User Synchronisation and Authentication with Microsoft Active Directory
6 min. read
Users from Azure Active Directory (aadds)
Synchronize and authenticate your users against the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Service
3 min. read
Microsoft 365 User Status Connector
This connector receives the user status from the Microsoft 365 world.
4 min. read
Contacts from CSV-File
Importing Telephone Book contacts from external systems
3 min. read
Contacts from LDAP Directory
Synchronise your LDAP Telephone Book Entries
3 min. read
Contacts from Microsoft Active Directory
Snychronise your telephone book entries from Microsoft Active Directory
5 min. read
Contacts from Microsoft Exchange
Integrate your Microsoft Exchange in to your pascom VoIP phone system
6 min. read
Microsoft 365 Contacts Connector
Integrate your Microsoft 365 contacts into your pascom cloud phone system.
3 min. read
Variables Assignment
Learn how to assign source variables in the Connector.
1 min. read
Structure Examples
Learn how to map external data to system variables in the Connector.
6 min. read
Learn how to automate the connector with cronjobs..
2 min. read