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Contacts from CSV-File

Importing Telephone Book contacts from external systems

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“Telephone Book from CSV” Connector Profile

Variable Description
Name Profile name
Type Select the import option for the CSV file:
Default: Upload in Browser
Fetch from url
Encoding of the CSV File Select the CSV file format. We recommend using UTF-8.
Delimiter Select the separating character which separates the CSV fields.
Line Separator If the CSV file is generated under Windows opposed to Mac / Linux, the line ending will be signified differently.
Field Enclosure We recommend enclosing individual fields inside specific characaters, e.g. “Max Muster”

After saving, the template can be modified according to requirements under the tab.

Basic Data

Under Basic Data, you can more exactly configure the CSV import or change your recently configured CSV import settings.

Field Description
Title Connector profile name (Automatically filled)
Source CSV (cannot be altered)
Mode Create and update records. Remove missing records from previous imports.: (default setting) Imports only new phone book entries and compares updated entries, old entries will be removed.
Create and update records: Imports only new phone book entries and compares updated entries. No entries will be removed.
Type If you selected Upload in Browser when setting up your template: Upload manually
If you selected Fetch from URL when setting up your template: Download from URL
CSV File If you selected “Upload in Browser”, the file can be directly uploaded here.
CSV File URL If you selected “Fetch from url”, the file path URL can be entered here.
Delimiter The separating character which separates the CSV fields. (Automatically filled)
File Format Specifies the CSV file format. (Automatically filled)
Line Separator Specifies under which Operating System the CSV file was generated. (Automatically filled)
Field Enclosure Specifies whether and which field enclosures are used in the CSV file. (Automatically filled
Comments Can be used as a documentation / description box for the connector profile.

Pre Filter

Per default, the template will import all lines from the CSV file. Via the tab, it is possible to restrict the import to specific values, e.g. the column displayname is not empty. In the code, replace “return true” with the following code snippet:

    return array_key_exists('displayName', $row);

Phonebook Fields from CSV

In the tab, all the phone book fields which can be imported into your pascom phone system are listed. The field mapping from CSV > pascom can also be modified to match your needs under this tab. Per default, the CSV column names correspond to the field names within the pascom PBX.

An example for a CSV file:

    "Max Muster - pascom [30000]","+4999112345","Max","Muster","pascom","","","","+4999112399","","30000"

Test and Activate Import Process

Once you are finished with your configuration, you can test your setup using the button and see which data sets will be imported. Once satisfied with the test results, you can now either run the import as a one-off via > or as an automated regular import using the button.

An automated import is only recommended for import types Fetch from URL.

Optional Modifications

Do you want to make changes to source variables or the Connector structure? Then follow the links below to the appropriate instructions:

[Variable Assignment]( )
[Variables structure]( )