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Users from Azure Active Directory (aadds)

Synchronize and authenticate your users against the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Service

Microsoft Azure

About Azure Active Directory Domain Services (aadds)

This is a “classic” domain server as a cloud service hosted in Azure. It is “coupled” with the Azure AD and automatically synchronizes users.

This service can be used to create classic domain server implementations in Azure and can be coupled with an on-premise domain in various ways.

It is also the component required to extend an Azure AD with public LDAPS access, which is useful for connecting legacy applications to the Azure cloud.

More Informations about Microsoft aadds

Aadds Setup

The current AD connector does not work against an Azure AD, instead an Azure Active Directory Domain Services installation with activated LDAPS access is required.

For setting up Aadds, the official documentation can be used, also for LDAPS configuration.

“Users from AD” Connector Profile

Create a new connector profile by using the following steps in the pascom phone system Web UI: Click on the menu option > and then click .

Select the AD User Sync template and enter the following data:

Field Description
Name Connector Profile Name
AD Domain Domain Name
AD Server Domain Name
Username and Password Credentials of the previously added pascom User for authentication
Configure authentication NO: Users will only be imported. Authentication will be performed by the pascom phone system.
YES: Users will be imported and the can be authenticated against the AD. In this case, the authentification will be setup and you can modify this according to your needs under > under the tab .
Create pascom softphone YES: Creates a pascom softphone for every imported user. NO: No pascom softphones will be added for imported users.
Create mobile phone YES: Creates a mobile phone device for every imported user. NO: No mobile devices will be added for imported users.

After saving, the template can be modified according to requirements under the tab .

Test and Activate the Import Process

After you have finalised your configuration, you can test the connector profile to determine which data sets will be imported using the button. Once you are satisfied with the results, it is possible to either perform a one off import using the > option or automate the import to be performed at regular intervals by clicking the button.

Please delete the domain name after the username. The System will do that behavior automatically after saving the connector profile.


Authentication Tests

If you have configured the template using the Configure authentication YES option, it is now possible to test the user authentication process using the following menu options > under the tab and finally using the button.

The parameters for authentication are as follows.

Field Description
LDAP-Authentication enabled ja
LDAP Host ldap://
LDAP Search Base DC=aadds,DC=ihreDomain,DC=de
LDAP Username - Field sAMAccountName
LDAP Proxy-User
LDAP Proxy-Password Ihr Passwort

Setup Authentication

To authenticate the user against the Azure AD, the user must have the same name on the pascom telephone system as in the Azure AD (sAMAccountName)