Contacts from Microsoft 365

Integrate your Microsoft 365 contacts in to your pascom Cloud phone system.

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With the pascom Microsoft 365 Connector profile, it is possible perform and automate server based synchronisations of both public and personal address books with the pascom phonebooks.

Import contacts into the public pascom phonebook

Create a new connector profile by clicking on in the pascom web UI. Then on > .

Search for the template and click . In the next step, enter a Connector profile name and finally click .

Setup connector profile

Select your Connector profile and click . You will now be taken to the Connector settings.

Microsoft 365 connector overview

Under the “Basic Data” tab, you configure the connection to your 365 or you can change any settings you that you had previously configured.

Field Description
Title Name of the Connectors
Mode Create and update records. Remove missing records from previous imports.: (default setting) Only new phonebook entries are imported, updated entries are compared and updated, while old entries are removed.
Create and update records: Imports only new phonebook entries and compares updated entries. No entries will be removed.
Automation Automate connector imports
Authenticate Connect to your Microsoft 365 Account
Additionally sync private phonebook entries Additional import for a users private contacts
Directories for public phonebook sync Select the directories to be imported into your pascom company phonebook.

Authentication with Microsoft Account

In order for the pascom Connector to import your Microsoft Office 365 contacts data, you must first authenticate yourself with your Microsoft account. To do this, use the “click here” link listed in the Authenticate option. You will then be redirected to the Microsoft login screen.

Microsoft 365 authentication

Next, confirm the authorisation in order to give the pascom phone system access to your contacts. Once completed, pascom phone system will have been successfully connected to your Microsoft 365.

Select Directories to Import

Click on the “Select “ link to select the directories you would like to import into company’s pascom phonebook.

Select Microsoft 365 directories

Simulate Import and start Import

By clicking on you can start a test import which will return the first 500 data records.

If you are happy with the simulated import results, you can now perform the full data import by clicking .

Further Connector Profile Customisation

Within the Connector Profile, you can modify the field assignment according to your needs under the and menu tabs. This allows you to import any additional contact data values as you may require.

How you can assign variables and adjust the structure, we explain in the following tutorials:

Variables Assignment

Variables Structures

Import User’s Personal Contact into their Private Phonebook

With each data import, the pascom Microsoft 365 Connector profile can also simultaneously import a user’s personal contacts into their individual pascom private phonebook.

What is Required?

  1. Each user must have the same username for both the pascom telephone system and MS 365.


  1. pascom Username: joeblogs
  2. 365 Account:

Select the tab and under “Additionally sync private phonebook entries” select from the dropdown field. Selecting this option activates the private contacts synchronisation feature.