pascom Server 17

Should you have any questions please use the Community Forum.

Aastra/ Mitel DECT RFPs The update will break an environment with Aastra or Mitel DECT RFPs
Ensure to do the following before the update to this version:

  • Update your Aastra DECT RFP to firmware 7.0SP1 or greater.
  • Use the OM configurator tool to configure the previously used IP as static IP for the RFP (serves as OMM)
  • Enter the provisioning URL to the DECT gateway and reboot it
  • You have to upload the configuration for the handsets manually

Important Notice:

  • Even if mobile phones have previously been used in combination with a pascom phone system, after updating to pascom 17.00 or higher versions the mobile hub must be reconfigured.
  • All previously used mobile phones will remain in the configuration, but must be newly configured via the pairing process. It is possible to allow end users to perform the pairing process themselves, otherwise the process is only possible via the admin Web UI.
  • The new mobile app mobile app is only compatible with pascom phone system servers from version 17 onwards. The older mobile apps can continue to be used for older systems.
  • The new mobile app SIP softphone functionality is only compatible with pascom 17 Cloud phone systems.
  • The community version includes functionality for the new mobile app, but can not send any PUSH notifications. Therefore, you are only reachable per chat messages when the app is active in the foreground. Calls will be forwarded over GSM just as with the previous classic mobile app.
  • After a cloudstack update, you should configure your Proxy to include the new options for mobile phone pairing. Only activate these settings for the Proxy that is accessible from the Internet.
  • After a cloudstack update, please refresh your license in order to activate the PUSH functionality.
  • The FollowMe system for pascom softphones and mobile devices is now end-user configurable per default.
  • To restore backups, the backup must be from an LTS or later

Release 17.12 (22.11.2018)

Change Overview

  • Ringing behavior is now customizable in the SIP trunk to fix provider-specific problems with missing Ringback tone on incoming calls
  • Mobile clients can now also be paired via credentials
  • Improved database backup behavior
  • Berofix Gateways with only one module can be added again
  • Improved Telekom DNS monitoring script


  • MD-9046 - User import is not possible
  • MD-10361 - No ringback tone for calls coming in from a sip trunk
  • MD-10709 - Add new cisco MAC vendor ID
  • MD-10732 - Database backup task is not stopped if postgresql dump fails
  • MD-10896 - Improve Telekom DNS monitoring script
  • MD-10999 - Enable remote control with HTTP credentials on Snom phones via basic config
  • MD-11000 - Change preselected value in peoplefone trunk
  • MD-11045 - Skill handling via REST-API is broken
  • MD-11124 - Change grandstream ATA gateway basic config
  • MD-11127 - Empty mail body and attached pdf not faxed if “fax with content of the mail” configured
  • MD-11128 - Can not add a beronet gateway with only one interface in stable
  • MD-11159 - Server update breaks if the database backup would get too big
  • MD-11113 - Implement mobile phone pairing with user credentials

Release 17.11 (25.09.2018)

Change Overview

  • Server-side support for creating a phonebook entry from an ongoing call or journal entry
  • The firmware version 4.0 on the Snom M700 is now supported with autoprovisioning
  • Important: To restore backups, the backup must be from an LTS or later


  • [MD-5352] - Improve translation code of voicemailConf.php
  • [MD-8007] - Optimize phonecallrecord, journal and eventlog table
  • [MD-9220] - Create a phonebook entry out of a journal entry or running phonecall
  • [MD-9837] - Limit database import to LTS onwards
  • [MD-9923] - No RTP stream after hold / unhold using snom desk phone via
  • [MD-10122] - Improve Microsoft AD Template
  • [MD-10143] - Snom M700 provisioning broken with new firmware 4.00
  • [MD-10179] - Implement provider template for “envia TEL”
  • [MD-10252] - Cleanup orphaned roster and archive xmppserver DB entries
  • [MD-10277] - Aastra/mitel dect handset auth code is empty after migration
  • [MD-10313] - Wrong labels are attached to outgoing mobile hub calls
  • [MD-10397] - Modify Seabix trunk template

Release 17.10 (19.06.2018)

Change Overview

  • Outlook Integration has been greatly improved in stability and performance
  • Fixed re-connection problems on iOS and Android client
  • Included a Script work around Telekom DNS Problems if the IP-Adress changes of the registration server
  • pascom Client now downloads updates directly via See forum and Documentation for details.


  • [MD-9364] - Improve Outlook Integration
  • [MD-10198] - Centralized Web http based Client updates
  • [MD-10255] - Improve click to dial handling on windows
  • [MD-10269] - Show pascom softphone in Sennheiser Headsetup
  • [MD-10273] - Improve contact list row displaying in client
  • [MD-10287] - Chat archive does not load history on scroll for messages without message marker
  • [MD-10298] - Show counts in team view section headings
  • [MD-10301] - Enable command doesn’t contain to attribute
  • [MD-10305] - Missing hover effect for Close-Button in Chat Tabs
  • [MD-10331] - Threading-Problem within pjsip threads and qt message logging
  • [MD-10333] - Location storage can’t be created
  • [MD-10337] - GSM fallback switcher broken
  • [MD-10379] - Show message that audio devices are not ready in client
  • [MD-10381] - iOS client sometimes misses calls
  • [MD-10393] - Linux client main executable has extremely huge binary size
  • [MD-10406] - Wrong active chat after click on user in client
  • [MD-10411] - Crackling sound if a ringtone is played in client
  • [MD-10423] - Test release 17.10
  • [MD-10468] - Renew windows code signing certificate
  • [MD-10479] - Increase call sound volume gain in client softphone
  • [MD-10488] - Write all messages to syslog on iOS
  • [MD-10514] - Broken installation of classic pascom
  • [MD-10517] - Outlook contacts not shown if you switch from private phonebook
  • [MD-10591] - HTTP Update problems
  • [MD-10599] - Telekom SIP trunk fails if remote ip-address changes

Release 17.09 (24.05.2018)


  • MD-10337: der GSM-Fallback-Schalter wird nun wieder zuverlässig angezeigt

This release has no own server version, because this modification only affects our mobile applications.

Release 17.08 (23.04.2018)


  • MD-8953 - Umlaut/special chars in mails were not correctly converted to fax
  • MD-9283 - Possible high-load due to client redirect implementation
  • MD-9503 - SRTP in classic pbx causes problem with QT client/softphone
  • MD-9814 - client crashes due to an early delete within System Tray Menu
  • MD-9983 - Switching between call details broken in client
  • MD-10177 - GSM Fallback switch should not be visible if paired without mobile number
  • MD-10192 - RTPEngine throws srtp warnings when our client phones
  • MD-10204 - Make dropdowns great again
  • MD-10208 - Emoticon parser fails on consecutive emoticons in client
  • MD-10218 - Deactivate landscape format for iOS
  • MD-10221 - Hide line in client if only one device is assigned
  • MD-10224 - Fix notification font colors
  • MD-10226 - Start group chat button is too small on mobile devices
  • MD-10228 - DTMF pad usability is very bad in client
  • MD-10243 - Audio device names are truncated on Windows
  • MD-10258 - Cursor does not change to text input cursor if a TextInput is hovered in client
  • MD-10260 - Missing hover animation for Phone-Icon in Contact list
  • MD-10261 - Hover animation for Main Menu Buttons
  • MD-10275 - iOS App shows “Unknown” instead of Number on incoming call if no name is available
  • MD-10278 - Show to-be-dialed phone number also in phonebook list row
  • MD-10280 - Underlined button has no underline anymore
  • MD-10283 - Do not show “pair” button in client if server version is lower than 17
  • MD-10310 - Phone number is not correctly registered in iOS CallKit
  • MD-10320 - Client displays wrong status text from other user
  • MD-10321 - pascom Client drains battery on iOS
  • MD-10332 - Auto update on macOS doesn’t work anymore if you need admin privileges to update the app
  • MD-10350 - Monitoring control buttons do not look nice in client
  • MD-10354 - Threading-Problem within MdWavPlayer
  • MD-7163 - Ignore very short voicemail calls
  • MD-9353 - Implement monitoring in pascom Client
  • MD-9450 - Improve search ui
  • MD-9468 - Implement datev integration
  • MD-9535 - Add –help commandline option in Desktop Client
  • MD-9691 - Show ‘open download dir’ button in file transfer notification
  • MD-10034 - Fix number determination for incoming trunk calls
  • MD-10049 - Show the current calling party in the pascom client roster
  • MD-10139 - Split “Smart Offhook” hotkey in desktop Client into two hotkeys
  • MD-10140 - Automatically cut off too long texts in client UI
  • MD-10150 - “Close other” in clients conversationsTabs
  • MD-10183 - Missing audio if you call an iOS device from an android device
  • MD-10251 - Implement “close all” for conversationsList on mobile client
  • MD-10279 - Make headings in settingsView bigger on mobile client

From 15.10:

  • MD-8119 - Options are not working on spying a channel in Queuemetrics
  • MD-9317 - Connector deletes and recreates internal phonebook entries on each run
  • MD-9879 - Add subjectAltName to Cloudstack self signed proxy certificate
  • MD-10185 - Wrong input highlighted after changing fax extension to invalid one
  • MD-10194 - Link to overview in virtual fax device not working

From LTS 7.11.08:

  • MD-9168 - Apply telephony and system cleanup task corrupts datamodel
  • MD-8628 - TabWidget children does not remove subscription when the flex panel is closed
  • MD-8703 - Toast in flex panel is broken

Release 17.07 (05.04.2018)


  • [MD-10295] - Client crashes on every login on some macOS systems

Release 17.06 (03.04.2018)


  • MD-9655 - Support push message lifetime
  • MD-9813 - Client displays wrong location
  • MD-9868 - Implement provider template for EWE
  • MD-9943 - Updates are sometimes not delivered to the client in a pascom classic
  • MD-9993 - macOS uses wrong device after logout
  • MD-10018 - PC_LOG_SIP_MESSAGES has no effect on windows client
  • MD-10023 - External calls with GSM fallback causes wrong call state at desktop client
  • MD-10025 - mobile client for iOS plays no ringback tone on internal call
  • MD-10026 - macOS client crashes during wakeup
  • MD-10084 - Print to fax fallback to qt client
  • MD-10088 - Location text update broken in client
  • MD-10113 - DND is broken if user uses mobile client
  • MD-10125 - Cam is mirrored if app was started in landscape format
  • MD-10156 - Elided content is not fully copied in client
  • MD-10173 - client crash if application stops with a running call
  • MD-10175 - pc::MdCall::getCallState crashing in assert
  • MD-10176 - poor scroll performance in client roster on mobile
  • MD-10189 - Prohibit search for empty string in client
  • MD-10197 - Disable keyboard input in dtmf pad
  • MD-10203 - Chat Tab ordering is wrong after restarting client
  • MD-7089 - Write eventlog entries when user roams from/to location
  • MD-9825 - Auto provisioning support for current mitel/aastra dect systems
  • MD-10079 - Better handling for mobile number verification errors during pairing
  • MD-10108 - Increase usability of settings
  • MD-10130 - Automatically close MUC notification
  • MD-10184 - Sort Chat Messages from newest to oldest in search results
  • MD-9165 - Support for Sennheiser Headsets
  • MD-10246 - React on Audio Device Changed events in Windows / macOS
  • MD-10205 - Sennheiser Headset Glitches
  • MD-10211 - Stop playing ringtone after leaving headset configurator
  • MD-9915 - Improved USB-Device Detection
  • MD-10195 - Sennheiser support will not activate after restarting client or HeadSetup app
  • MD-10010 - Headset doesn’t signalize about new incoming call
  • MD-9692 - Wrong audio devices after connecting headset
  • MD-9956 - desktop Client uses wrong audio device with Jabra Headset on Windows
  • MD-10164 - headset toast message shows no device
  • MD-10213 - Client doesn’t remember that headset was turned to inactive
  • MD-10230 - Jabra Headset Support fails on macOS when re-plugging

Included fixes from 15.09

  • MD-10014 - Improve prompt of dialplan loop detection
  • MD-10031 - Fix typo in /services/apidoc
  • MD-10071 - Missing device info if receiving call while call forwarding is active
  • MD-10105 - Correct typos in cloudstack job results
  • MD-10144 - Exception after deleting a gateway assigned to role
  • MD-10146 - Wrong error message after entering wrong fax extension
  • MD-10039 - Hide button to test connection if exchange server connector is not configured
  • MD-10082 - Update gloox version to 1.0.20 in tapi

Release 17.05 (12.03.2018)


  • MD-9134 - Handle Very long Label names / values in a better way
  • MD-9252 - TAPI connections fail if Office 365 is installed and go-based xmppproxy is used
  • MD-9715 - Show the right icon for softphones in client
  • MD-9873 - NL Translation doesn’t work on mobile devices
  • MD-9875 - Automatic client relogin after disconnect
  • MD-9978 - GSM fallback will not change call status on desktop client
  • MD-9980 - client resets to wrong view after a call
  • MD-9988 - Lock double click in location menu
  • MD-9990 - Ability to skip mobile number in mobile app during pairing
  • MD-9997 - Improve look of location chooser
  • MD-10002 - Location and state are overlapping
  • MD-10005 - You can’t accept phonecalls on a classic via GSM if the client is in foreground
  • MD-10009 - Wrong follow me information after roaming
  • MD-10057 - Glitch in avatar editor
  • MD-10058 - Android Google Play Store: pascom Client is not visible for all devices
  • MD-10076 - Do not show ‘today’ multiple times in chat
  • MD-10096 - Current device is not highlighted in client settings - device list when paired with a classic
  • MD-10101 - Empty or wrong avatar letters generated
  • MD-10141 - Restore defaults button is broken in mobile client
  • MD-10148 - Can’t copy from the phonebook on mobile
  • MD-8611 - Improve django logging
  • MD-9817 - ‘group by presence’ ignores phone/mobile status
  • MD-9842 - Use local postgresql database for all cloudstack containers by default
  • MD-9930 - Introduce “Clear local data” button in desktop Client
  • MD-9979 - Client text copy context menu should behave like the OS' ones
  • MD-10062 - Allow 4gb postgresql container for huge cloudstack hosts
  • MD-10069 - Show message when trying to send a fax in mobile client
  • MD-10098 - Detect and prevent starting on unsupported macOS versions
  • MD-10126 - Switch default rendering backend to SOFTWARE in windows desktop Client

Included fixes from 15.08

  • MD-9924 - Confirmation dialog for deleting an instance has wrong text
  • MD-10013 - Can’t delete call forwarding that contains special chars
  • MD-10016 - Increase possible length of mailserver hostname
  • MD-10022 - Dial not successful if softphone name contains a +
  • MD-10111 - classic Client Softphone does not login on certain environments
  • MD-8363 - Increase verbosity for failed mail to fax

Release 17.04 (26.02.2018)


  • MD-9765 - Number determination was set to false after update
  • MD-9827 - Owner of group chat can’t be added again
  • MD-9861 - If a device is not user configurable when it’s created, it can’t be selected as outgoing phone device
  • MD-9909 - Show fax number also for outlook contacts in client
  • MD-9910 - Re-Select outlook phonebook after client restart or re-login
  • MD-9931 - desktop Client shows Group chat invitation for my own group chats
  • MD-9935 - desktop Client shows empty phonebook entries
  • MD-9957 - Make hidden labels configurable in client
  • MD-9966 - Users are permanently busy when using mobile app with mobile hub
  • MD-10006 - Mark chat messages as read if you click on a link in a notification
  • MD-10033 - Remove call-ended sound from softphone - some headsets don’t handle this correctly
  • MD-10048 - Entered words always start with uppercase letters on android
  • MD-10051 - Chat jumps to top if older messages are loaded in client
  • MD-10068 - Outlook button shows wrong state
  • MD-6016 - Implement Hold / Unhold for TAPI
  • MD-9938 - Implement trunk template for Seabix

Fixes from 15.06

  • MD-8662 - Ignore not assigned devices for changing follow me settings for many devices at once
  • MD-9516 - Xmppserver AstdbManager does not accept a dash in a key
  • MD-9755 - Conference via client will not work with new Yealink firmware 82
  • MD-9756 - Snom D785/D120 downloading language file failed for version
  • MD-9830 - Wrong encoding within voicemail notification text via email
  • MD-9901 - phonebook import via rest is broken
  • MD-9902 - Softphone crashes in Classic Client

Fixes from 15.07

  • MD-10072 Fixed Aastra DHCP provisioning (static ip reservation for the OMM stations)

Release 17.03 (12.02.2018)


  • MD-9244 - Tray-Menu support on windows has HighDPI bugs
  • MD-9402 - Hang up system call to external device in client
  • MD-9665 - Client crash because of missing device attribute in ChannelEvent
  • MD-9778 - Remove not existing menu entries in mobile client settings
  • MD-9781 - Only use Alphabet Characters for automatic avatar generator
  • MD-9801 - Broken Font rendering on iOS
  • MD-9803 - Layout Glitches in client Settings
  • MD-9812 - Scroll via touch does not work correctly in client chat
  • MD-9820 - Hide keyboard on Back and on pressing home on Android
  • MD-9821 - Push to iOS devices is unreliable
  • MD-9839 - XMPPServer exception when closing a client while a filetransfer is in progress
  • MD-9843 - macOS client crash when starting a phonecall
  • MD-9849 - Device not changed after roaming
  • MD-9862 - Phone Register CMD is broken - Softphone has no sip connection
  • MD-9863 - Mobile number will not appear in webui when entered during pairing
  • MD-9866 - Desktop client cancel button in pairing process is broken
  • MD-9869 - Wrong number shown in mobile after gsm fallback with QSC trunk
  • MD-9871 - QR-Code page stays after pairing
  • MD-9874 - Right click on avatar will open menu for contact
  • MD-9878 - Hidden labels are shown as empty in the phonebook view
  • MD-9904 - Settings menu does not close on android’s back button
  • MD-9905 - “Close all chats” broken in chat tabs context menu
  • MD-9914 - Follow me values are 0 after restart of client
  • MD-9940 - iOS: Accepting phonecalls from push sometimes doesn’t work
  • MD-9948 - Client uses wrong output for beeper signal
  • MD-9950 - desktop client relogin feature loops after waking up from hibernate
  • MD-9952 - MacOS Client crash after logout
  • MD-9955 - desktop Client crash on logout
  • MD-9959 - client: border around list appearance switches is broken
  • MD-9965 - Copy context menu is broken on mobile
  • MD-9994 - Client deadlocks on incoming call notification
  • MD-9996 - MacOS Client crash if user without phone signs in
  • MD-9998 - Can’t change follow me settings for devices assigned to location
  • MD-9999 - linux client crashes if phone is on DND
  • MD-10000 - Change password/pin in settings is broken
  • MD-10012 - Client crash after calling call router
  • MD-4474 - Integrate pjsip tone generator into client softphone
  • MD-9684 - Rewrite Call UI in client to support small screens
  • MD-9746 - Update client to Qt 5.9.4
  • MD-9810 - Limit chat messages to 1500 characters
  • MD-9883 - Add a “Quit” link button to the settings menu of the client
  • MD-9976 - Show user and instance in desktop client tray icon

Included fixes from 15.05

  • MD-8571 - Gateway status in webinterface was broken
  • MD-9654 - Do not allow to delete default music on hold class
  • MD-9676 - Import contacts from shared mailbox via exchange connector
  • MD-9724 - Manual update of mobydick container will not resets RAM anymore
  • MD-9836 - Introduced more dynamic hints for pascom based redirections
  • MD-9880 - Wrong syntax for inbound rule within Tele2 trunk template
  • MD-9900 - Change ‘mobydick’ to ‘pascom’ in TRC210909
  • MD-9671 - Remove AAstra / Mitel firmware from distribution

Release 17.02 (22.01.2018)


  • MD-9668 - Patton/berofix analog/ISDN sip device will be automatically renamed
  • MD-9690 - Missed call notification is shown but is empty
  • MD-9731 - Show hint in desktop client if no pairing proxy is available
  • MD-9758 - Improved mobilehub rule generator for telekom trunk
  • MD-9824 - Refresh phonebook in client after deleting an entry
  • MD-9829 - After changing a team name, actions don’t work in pascom Client
  • MD-9835 - Fixed missing dial button in small view of contact list
  • MD-9841 - Client crashed when displaying missed call notifications
  • MD-9852 - Client crashed because a ChatRoom object was deleted too early
  • MD-9860 - Journal only showed last call
  • MD-7553 - Assigned softphone after LDAP import
  • MD-9677 - Updated 1und1 trunk template
  • MD-9848 - Upgraded pjsip to 2.7.X again on macOS

Release 17.01 (08.01.2018)

pascom Client

  • Improved start performance
  • Improved language localizations
  • Add desktop client minimized start function (requires using a command line switch)
  • Resolved numerous crash causes
  • Fixed contact list unprompted “jump to top” issue when scrolling down
  • Integrated newer Plantronics headset library version
  • Improved client display when scaling to 150%
  • Reworked and improved Call Forwarding UI
  • The client now displays (depending of contact list display format) your own extension number

pascom Server

  • Improved language localizations
  • For the mobile hub domain, its is now possible to use an IP Address or an RFC1123 valid Domain Name

Release 17.00 (14.12.2017)

pascom Desktop Client

  • Integrated chat message read status within the chat window.
  • Reintroduced Terminal Server installation function, please refer to our documentation.
  • Simplified and revamped client settings menu tool.
  • Added clearer notifications to indicate which audio devices are currently being used.
  • Global shortcuts are now stored correctly under Windows systems even after app restarts.
  • Only devices that can dial can be selected.
  • The transfer button is now displayed on all devices which support this functionality.
  • Added mobile device pairing within the settings menu.

pascom Classic Client

  • Fixed Follow Me settings bug.
  • Improved visibility of unread messages.



  • Interface for mobile device pairing.
  • Added support for beroNet gateway firmware 16.x to enable unimpeded operational compatibility.
  • Removed Transfer Return Feature
  • Reworked SIP Trunk manager tools and simplified SIP trunk configuration.
  • Implement modifications for mobile app pairing.
  • Updated and simplified Mobile Hub tool.
  • Implemented Yealink W52P DECT system firmware modifications.
  • Improved new Yealink device provisioning process.
  • pascom oftphone & mobile device apps are now per default configurable by end users.


  • Introduced system language option for selecting language when adding a new pascom instance.
  • pascom support access via VPN can now be enabled within the web UI.


  • Added “Destination Proxy” option for defining a proxy for mobile client pairing.