Overview of the pascom managed Provider Template from Easybell

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Tariff in combination with pascom: Business

Information about features and tariff informations can be found here: easybell.

1. Your Account

To set up a SIP Trunk via a pascom Provider Template, you need the SIP Account data from your provider.

You will receive the account data for your SIP trunk account from your provider by mail or can be viewed online in a customer portal.


Easybell Account Data

2. Setup

Completing the Trunk Template

Add a new SIP trunk under > > , which directs you the the SIP provider database. Using the filter, you can search directly for Easybell templates. Select the Easybell template and add your account data / credentials to the template setup wizard.

Trunk Template

Fill in the Variables

Variable Description
Name Enter a name for the trunk, which will be displayed in the Trunks overview.
Telephony username Use the telephony username from your registration data.
Telephony password Enter the corresponding password.
Number of registration Registration phone number (Registrierungsrufnummer) as found in the registration data.
Area code Enter your area code (Ortskennzahl / Ortsvorwahl) excluding the leading 0, e.g. 991.
Originating number Telephony connection base / line number (Stammnummer) excluding extension number block e.g. the number displayed as XXXXXX in our example.
Prefix for incoming number Any digit which should precede all incoming calls via this trunk. For example entering 0 will mean that all inbound call numbers will be displayed in the call logs on IP Phones as 00172123123 instead of 0172123123. This enables the direct call back from the call history via this trunk.
Number of extension digits The digit length of User Extensions - NOT the number of digits in the number block
Extension for central Enter the internal extension number to which calls to the first number of your number block (normally 0) should be routed, i.e. to the switchboard / reception / AutoAttendant.


fill Template

After pressing the trunk will be added.

3. Does your Trunk work?

To make sure that your data has been entered correctly and that the pascom PBX has successfully registered with your provider, click on the - on the at your trunk. Here you can see if the registration has worked. (registered).

trunk registered

4. Define your Call rules

The trunnk is established and successfully registered. As a final step, you define your incoming and outgoing call rules to set the call behavior of your pascom telephone system.

We explain how to set up call rules in the Call Rules Tutorial

Easybell Clip no Screening


You have successfully set up your Easybell SIP Account with the official Trunk Template in the pascom System. But the number signaling of your Phonenumber does not yet work according to your requirements. In most cases, you still have to activate or configure the feature to use it with the pascom telephone system.


The Clip no screening feature includes a few settings that you have to make directly with Easybell.

First, log in to the Easybell Control Center with your account data.

  1. Go to the Change Number Display menue.
  2. Set the caller ID to Device-dependent Caller ID.
  3. Set the manual field selection to P-Asserted-Identity
  4. Finally, click on apply.

    Easybell Settings