Behnke Door Intercom

Self Hosted only

How to integrate Behnke door intercoms systems into your pascom phone system


The door intercom from Behnke can not be automatically configured in the pascom phone system. Remote CTI control via the pascom client is only possible in a restricted form.

Endpoint Requirements

In order for a SIP device to operate with the pascom server, the following functions are necessary:

  • SIP via TCP/TLS (encrypted signaling)
  • SRTP (encrypted voice data)
  • Outbound Proxy (send data via the Session Border Controller)

Preparation and login data

Unfortunately, many vendors use different names for effectively the same settings. This means you may need to experiment a bit. The following table shows the common terms used.

Setting Example value Description
Registrar, SIP-Server pascom Name of the phone system
Proxy, Outbound-Proxy DNS name or Server IP address
SIP-Port TCP 5061 TLS SIP Port
Username, Identity, Authuser my-telephone-name Device login name
Password ***** Device password, not the user’s password!

Creating a user for the Behnke door intercom station

The door intercom station needs a user with an internal extension number to control the door intercom. On the pascom Admin Web Interface, go to > and click .

Fill in the predefined fields with your data.

New User for door intercom

Apply Jobs

After saving your changes, an entry will appear in the job box (top centre of the window). Start the job by clicking apply or the green tick.

Create/Add the door intercom device

Insert under > a new device of type Generic SIP Phone.

Enter a “Device Login Name” and a “Password “ for the door intercom station. The following options must be entered in the “SIP options “ entry field.

  1. endpoint/allow=!all,alaw:20

The “Device Login Name “ assigned here, as well as the assigned “Password “ are entered later in the Behnke door intercom station settings.

Create new Behnke device

Under the tab you assign the previosly created user to the door intercom station. Finally save and apply the job of the telephony configuration!

Configure the Behnke door intercom station

To configure the Behnke door intercom station, please use the manufacturer’s instructions.

Behnke instructions PDF