Snom DECT System

+ Cloud and Self Hosted

Integrate your Snom DECT System with your pascom IP PBX solution.

Snom M700

Supported Endpoints

List of supported Endpoints, Click here!


The Snom M700 & M900 base stations can be operated in both Single Cell and Multi-Cell deployments and are compatible with pascom cloud, hardware and virtual phone systems. As such the Snom M700 is ideally suited for organisations that require additional work place mobility over multiple floors or across larger company buildings.

Available Channels

Snom DECT - Single Cell Snom DECT - Multi-Cell
Narrowband (g711, g729, g726) 10 8
Wideband (g722), SRTP aktiviert (g722, g711, g729, g726) 5 4

Add a new DECT Base

Connect your DECT System

Integrate the DECT system into your network.

Find the MAC Adress

The MAC address can be found on the base station or on an enclosed memo.

Create Basestation on the pascom server

Log in to your pascom System and add a new basestation under > of the type SNOM Dect.

Enter the previously determined MAC address of the DECT system in the Mac address field.

Apply Jobs

After saving the changes, a job box appears (above). Start the job with a click on the button .

Find the provisioning URL

Check the DECT System in the device list and select > . Copy that URL to the clipboard.

Store the provisioning URL in the DECT base

Enter the just copied provisioning URL on the DECT System’s Web UI.

Click on and then on .

Prepare your DHCP Server

For the automatic provisioning of Snom DECT systems, a functioning DHCP server is required. Prepare a DHCP Server as described under Telephone provisioning via DHCP.

Connect the DECT System

Connect all required Snom base stations to your network. Once the boot process is completed, base stations will automatically appear in the PBX web UI Gateway list (‘Gateways’ > ‘Gateway list’).

The Status field currently has no relevance and the “plug symbol” warning is normal at this stage.

Configuring Multi-Cell Operation

Should you wish to network multiple Gateways into a multicell DECT system, simply mark and select all the desired Gateways and click Edit. By using the arrow buttons, you can navigate through all your selected Gateways and then edit them as follows:

Under the option, select the value for one of the Gateways and for all other Gateways, select the option .

Add / Assign Handsets

Under > > , select the option

Ìn the next screen, you will be able to configure the device and under the tab you will be able to assign users and / or locations.

Parameter Description Comments
Connected to Select a Gateway to connect to. In multicell environments, all Gateways configured as a repeater are automatically hidden.
IPEI Number Enter the handset IPEI number which can be found via the handset menu Settings > Status The first line of the IPEI number is enough, i.e. everything after the colon (:) symbol does not need to be entered.
SIP Options (Optional Step) It is possible to enter all the SIP peer options as supported by Asterisk Please refer to Asterisk’s SIP Configuration - Peers and Clients Documentation.