pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Generic SIP Endpoints

How to integrate SIP devices from non-officially supported manufactures into your pascom phone system

Please note, the pascom support team is not able to provide support services for integrating non-supported endpoints. Please use our forum should you require assistance with such an integration.


Non supported phones can not be automatically configured nor be configured with the pascom menu on the endpoint.

Remote CTI control via the pascom client is only possible in a restricted form.

Endpoint Requirements

In order for a SIP device to operate with the pascom server, the following functions are necessary:

  • SIP via TCP/TLS (encrypted signaling)
  • SRTP (encrypted voice data)
  • Outbound Proxy (send data via the Session Border Controller)

Preparation and login data

Unfortunately, many vendors use different names for effectively the same settings. This means you may need to experiment a bit. The following table shows the common terms used.

Setting Example value Description
Registrar, SIP-Server pascom Name of the phone system
Proxy, Outbound-Proxy DNS name or Server IP address
SIP-Port TCP 5061 TLS SIP Port
Username, Identity, Authuser my-telephone-name Device login name
Password * Device password, not the user’s password!


Read the SIP endpoint handbook regarding how to activate SIP TLS and SRTP. This could involve multiple setting configs.

Create a new Basic Configuration Template

The next step is to build a new basic configuration for the SIP device. To do this, go to the pascom WEB GUI on >

With pascom version 19.03 there is a new basic configuration Empty Generic Profile

Duplicate the basic configuration Empty Generic Profile and give it a name e.g. My Yealink Devices. Select the new basic configuration and click on > .

You have to adapt the following code part to your device-parameters. The listed variables are used to automatically fill in the correct login/server data.

{{!-- This is a example template -}}

{{!-- Please clone and overwrite this Profile -}}

{{!-- use regular expression to match a request uri to a template snipped -}}
{{!-- a empty template output (i.e. no if_regex matched) will return a 404 response-}}

{{!-- this "if" block catches request directly to the provisioning url (/) -}}
{{#if_regex "/provisioning/ee[0-9a-f]+/?$" http_path}}
You requested the example generic template.

Please try two other routes:

- append /example.cfg for a example provisioning file
- append /info to the url to see a list of all variables.


{{!-- requests ending with .cfg (e.g. /y02384.cfg) will be handled here -}}
{{#if_regex "\.cfg$" http_path}}

sip username = {{{013pee_username}}}
sip password = {{{013pee_password}}}
sip host = {{{httpip}}}:5061;transport=tls
sip domain = {{{cs_domain}}}


{{!-- here, each request ending with /info will be answered -}}
{{#if_regex "/info$" http_path}}

{{#each this}}
{{@key}} => {{this}}

url parameters:
{{#each http_params}}
{{@key}} => {{this}}


Save the basic configuration.

Apply Jobs

After saving your changes, an entry will appear in the job box (top centre of the window). Start the job by clicking apply or the green tick.

Create/Add the SIP Device

Insert under > a new device of type IP-Telefon: Hersteller beliebig oder Softphone. Now select the new basic configuration you created earlier (My Yealink Devices).

Under the tab you give the SIP device an user. Finally save!

Provisioning on the SIP Device

Check the IP Device in the device list and go to > where you can copy the provisioning URL to the clipboard.

Each SIP device has its own web interface. How to get there, please refer to the instructions of the respective manufacturer. The Provisioning URL usually has to be set in the Servicing settings of the device at the server URL. After applying the changes and a restart / reboot of the device, the settings are automatically transferred to the device via the provisioning URL.

Test Call

On the SIP endpoint, please dial *100. This should call the pascom Voicemail box and you should here the mailbox prompts.