Monitoring via Nagios or Icinga

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Monitor a pascom server via Nagios or Icinga


The pascom server includes a service called prometheus. It collects all the metrics of the system. These include, among other things, the utilisation of CPU, RAM and HDD. By means of a plugin, these values can be queried externally.

The Icinga oder Nagios server needs access to the pascom management port (8443). External access to prometheus must be granted.

Grant external access to prometheus

Login to the server via SSH as admin and get root access. Stop the Controller Container. Edit the file /var/lib/lxc/controller/vars.json and set EXPOSE_PROMETHEUS to on. Start Controller Container again.

sudo su
cs container stop controller
vi /var/lib/lxc/controller/vars.json


cs container start controller

Prometheus Nagios Plugin

To query the metrics a plugin is needed. This can be integrated via a check command.


Check if CSD service is running

./ -H 'https://_PASCOM-IP_:8443/prometheus' -q 'up{job="csd"}'  -n "Running CSD Service" -w 0 -c 0 -C "-k" -t vector -m eq

Check if database service is running

./ -H 'https://_PASCOM-IP_:8443/prometheus' -q 'container_up{name="pg"}'  -n "Container PG up" -w 0 -c 0 -C "-k" -t vector -m eq

RAM usage (Critical < 90%, Warning < 75%)

./ -H 'https://_PASCOM-IP_:8443/prometheus' -q '100-(node_memory_MemAvailable_bytes/node_memory_MemTotal_bytes*100)'  -n "Memory used in %" -w 75 -c 90 -C "-k" -t vector

Usage of the SYSTEM Disk (Critical < 3GB, Warning < 8GB)

./ -H 'https://_PASCOM-IP_:8443/prometheus' -q 'node_filesystem_avail_bytes{mountpoint="/SYSTEM"}/1024/1024/1024'  -n "Number of free diskspace in GB" -w 8000 -c 3000 -C "-k" -t vector -m lt

Usage of the RAM Disk (Critical < 400MB, Warning < 200MB)

./ -H 'https://_PASCOM-IP_:8443/prometheus' -q 'node_memory_MemAvailable_bytes/1024/1024'  -n "Number of free diskspace in MB" -w 8000 -c 3000 -C "-k" -t vector -m lt

CPU utilisation (load1) (Critical < 10, Warning < 5. Values are multiplied by 10)

./ -H 'https://_PASCOM-IP_:8443/prometheus' -q 'node_load1*10'  -n "Load average 1m" -w 50 -c 100 -C "-k" -t vector

CPU utilisation (load5) (Critical < 6, Warning < 4. Values are multiplied by 10)

./ -H 'https://_PASCOM-IP_:8443/prometheus' -q 'node_load5*10'  -n "Load average 5m" -w 40 -c 60 -C "-k" -t vector

CPU utilisation (load15) (Critical < 4, Warning < 3. Values are multiplied by 10)

./ -H 'https://_PASCOM-IP_:8443/prometheus' -q 'node_load15*10'  -n "Load average 15m" -w 30 -c 40 -C "-k" -t vector