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The Future of the Asterisk Call and Contact Centre

The Future of the Asterisk Call and Contact Centre

The Future of the Asterisk Call and Contact Centre

What does the Future hold for Asterisk Call Centers?

Recently, Loway, a pascom Interoperability partner and the developer of Asterisk Call Center solutions QueueMetrics and the WombatDialer invited us to share our thoughts on the future of the Asterisk contact center as part of their Call Center Guru project.

Naturally, pascom CEO, Mathias Pasquay, was only to happy to add his thoughts and opinions formed as a result of being the founder of pascom and instrumental in the ongoing development of pascom’s business communications platform. While the full transcript from the interview can be found on the Loway project site, I thought it a nice idea to summarise his thoughts and views on what the future holds for the Asterisk Contact Center.

Mathias’ view on the industry looking forward over the coming years is one of continued growth in response to increased requirements in terms of improved customer service, greater flexibility and scalability. For these reasons, Mathias predicts that the contact centers of tomorrow will choose Asterisk based solutions over proprietary systems, which are often inflexible and do not scale accordingly.

What’s more, Mathias sees increased growth in the 3rd party application market with interoperability and application integration being key to the successful Asterisk Call Center as they strive to improve efficiencies and drive customer service by making business intelligence easier and more intuitive to access.


On a final note, the future for developers of Asterisk Call Center solutions, whether they be involved in delivering the phone system or the software layer that sits above the phone solution, is a bright one.

If you are considering switching or upgrading your telephony services to include ContactCentre functionality and Skills-Based Routing or would like more information regarding pascom, then give the pascom team a call on +49 991 29691 0 to discuss your requirements and get started within minutes using our free hosted business VoIP phone system edition.