pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Support for colour blindness and colour vision deficiency


Working with software with colour blindness can be challenging for many people. Colour blindness means that a person has problems distinguishing certain colours, which can make it difficult to navigate and use software. The pascom client has a high contrast user interface that can be used in 2 different colour schemes, but both have very colourful navigation. However, there are some options that can help people with colour blindness to work more effectively with our software.

Colour blindness and colour vision deficiency in detail

Colour blindness is generally divided into different visual impairments. Here there is protanopia (red/green visual impairment), deuteranopia (green/red visual impairment) and tritanopia (blue/yellow visual impairment). Here you can generally work with different colour filters to achieve a better contrast so that differences are easier to see.

Helping with colour blindness

It all depends on the right settings. As just mentioned, you can work with various colour filters to remedy the situation. There are, for example, high-contrast modes to better distinguish colours, or colour corrections that can be specifically adapted to visual impairments.

The pascom client does not have a mode or settings for colour blindness.

The pascom client does not have its own mode or settings for colour blindness, so you must use the operating system settings. In the table below you will find instructions on how to optimise your operating system for colour blindness.

Operating System Tutorial
Windows HowTo Article from Microsoft
MacOS HowTo Article from Apple
iOS HowTo Article from Apple
Android HowTo Article from Google
Linux No standard settings availables