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Nextragen - VoIP & Network Monitoring

Nextragen, the All-IP competence center for VoIP and Network measurement technology

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Information about Nextragen products and services can be found here: Nextragen (German Only).

About Nextragen

Nextragen is an I.T. software development company offering a wide range of services. From the development of All-IP strategies tailored exactly to your company, to individual ITC consulting and ALL-IP training.

Specialised in digital measurement technology, Nextragen offers monitoring, analysis + troubleshooting, for your VoIP and network infrastructure.

VoIP and network quality that can be measured

In order to ensure secure communication, a well-coordinated network is required. In order to keep an eye on your network performance, Nextragen provides you with continuous network monitoring tool.

Instant overview of network quality

The quality of a network can only be measured through meaningful reports. The documentation of the network must contain the most important information for each customer in order to react dynamically to fluctuations in network performance quality and to optimise it.

Defined rules, alarms and actions enable the detection of bottlenecks within the network and enabling a quick, appropriate response. If the measuring system detects even slight deviations in the predefined network quality, individual actions such as email notifications or the start of correction process are then carried out. This allows a decisive reaction even before any noticeable quality losses occur.

Measurement and Simulation

The Nextragen Solutions measurement technology analyses the calls running over the network for different network parameters such as jitter, packet loss etc. and is also able to evaluate the end-to-end voice quality.

Additionally, with the traffic simulator TraceSim, conversations can be generated allowing different scenarios to be tested. This is ideal for simulating call peaks to simulate certain business hours.