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pascom Serbia Support Children's Health, Education and Welfare Organisations with Annual Donation

pascom Serbia Support Children's Health, Education and Welfare Organisations with Annual Donation

pascom Serbia Support Children's Health, Education and Welfare Organisations with Annual Donation

December 28th, 2022 | Niš, Serbia - Today we are extremely proud to share that our pascom Serbia colleagues have made their 2022 annual donation. In a wide ranging action, the pascom Serbia have choosen to support the amazing work of the Mara Center for the provision of social protection services, as well as the Clinical Center Niš Children’s Hematology-Oncology Department, and the University Clinical Center of Serbia’s Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic.

pascom Serbia annual donation 2022

As opposed to simply making a financial donation to each institution, the team in Serbia cooperated directly with the Mara Center to determine how best to support their work Children and Adults with Autism and similar disabilities. The Mara Center specifically asked for a new TV and desktop computer and peripherals to aide and further the educational activites for the children under their care. Stefan Tosic, pascom Serbia CEO, and Ina Hrvat, pascom Serbia HR Manager personally delivered the equipment to the Mara Center on Monday 26th December 2022 where they were able to meet the Center team and witness first-hand the amazing work that they do.

pascom donation to the Mara Center in Niš

In cooperation with NURDOR, the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer, pascom also provided the Niš Clinical Center Children’s Hematology-Oncology Department with IT equipment. Through cooperating with the Jedi Movement in Niš, pascom Serbia joined a campaign to support the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic at the University Clinical Center of Serbia by contributing towards the funding of a resuscitation table for extremely premature infants. The Jedi Movement, who have long been active in humanitarian campaigns in Niš, organised the campaign and invited all the IT companies in Niš to show their support as donors.

Stefan Tosic, pascom Serbia CEO:

Like our colleagues in Germany, we decided to focus primarily on children’s health and welfare with our donation. We wanted to help those children who face a number of developmental difficulties which is why the largest part of our donation went to the “Mara” Social Center and children with autism. We hope that the equipment we donated will make their holidays more beautiful and help and aide the centers educators in furthering their work with the children.

I also want to thank other organizations, the NURDOR association and the Niš Jedi Movement, who were brilliant in helping to make sure that the rest of our donation went to the right organisation, cause and purpose."

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