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Asterisk Tutorial 33 - Asterisk IVR Menu Loops

Asterisk Tutorial 33 - Asterisk IVR Menu Loops

Asterisk Tutorial 33 - Asterisk IVR Menu Loops

How to Configure Asterisk PBX IVR Menu Loops

Welcome back to the VoIP Guys Introducing Asterisk video tutorials. It is now time to enhance our IVR menus to account for “timeouts” should a caller not select a menu option, which means today’s episode is a how to guide to configuring Asterisk IVR menu loops.

In the last episode — the one where Mathias had trouble with saying “i” and “e” — we talked about the different functions you can use when configuring (i, e and t) your IVR menus and why you should distinguish between them and actually use the invalid (i) and timeout (t) functions. This time around we are going to go a bit further and take a look at how you can use the timeout function to setup a more professional, more customer friendly IVR menu.

Mathias’ Top Tip

In order to set the point from where the menu should be repeated within the dialplan it is recommended to use a “label” which can be used to identify the point in the dialplan where the call flow should jump back to.

Moreover, if you watched the above tutorial you will also release that the devil really is in the details. If like us, you run into an error with your setup not working properly, it is likely to be a small mistake. In our case, when configuring the variable for the GotoIf application, we set the application to loop only if the counter was greater than (>) 2.

Therefore, always double check the finer details in your setup should you encounter an error.

Join us next time as we move on to the topic of “SIP in Detail” starting with an introduction to SIP.

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Final Word - We Upgrade Business Communications

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Until next time — Happy VoIPing!