pascom Client Settings

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In this tutorial you will learn which settings you can make on the pascom client.

Open Client Settings

  1. Open the via the pascom menu. You can also click on the button in the upper right corner of the Telephony area.

Open Client Settings

  1. Click on the Settings menu.

Client Settings

Change language and design

The pascom client is available in different languages. Simply click on and select your preferred language. After selecting the language, a message will appear in the bottom area to restart the pascom Client.

  1. You can choose between 2 different . A light and a dark design scheme are available.

Change download folder

All files sent to you by your colleagues are downloaded into a Download folder. By default, this folder is the same as the Download folder of your browser. However, you can change this folder.

  1. Click on the button at the Download Folder item and specify a new folder in the selection window.

Start pascom Client automatically

You log on to your operating system and the pascom client starts automatically, so you are ready to use right away.

Start pascom Client automatically

  1. Activate the “Option” - .

Disable dynamic scrolling

Dynamic scrolling makes navigation through menus and lists smoother. When scrolling, you will notice that the moving content rolls a little bit more.

If you do not like this scrolling behavior, you can turn off the option by clicking on .

Customize keyboard shortcuts.

In the pascom client you can work with shortcuts to make p.e. navigation easier.

  1. click on in the Settings menu.


To change a shortcut for the desired function, click on the and enter a new key combination.

Shortcut keys are only available in the Desktop Client under Windows and macOS.

In the following the global keyboard shortcuts are explained in detail:

Shortcut Key Description
Smart On / Off Hooking Enables incoming call pickup via shortcut key, even when the client is not the active window.
Click-to-Dial Enables dialing a number direct from a browser or document by highlight and pressing the shortcut keys.
Toggle Window This function enables either bringing the client to the foreground or to minimise the client via a shortcut key.

pascom Client Log and Support Information

In case of errors or problems with the pascom client, you can assist your system administrator or the pascom support team by providing log and support information.

  1. Click on in the Settings menu.

About pascom Client

  1. Here you will find the of the pascom client, which opens in a text editor.

  2. Generate a support package for your system administrator or pascom support. Click on . You will find the zip archive in your Download folder.