My Device Control

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In this tutorial we show you how to control the call behavior of your devices.

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Device control is a great feature to control the call behavior of your devices yourself. Choose which devices you use and set which device to ring when and how.

“Config locked by Admin”

If you want to configure your devices yourself, the system administrator must enable this function for you.

My Devices

The device control can be found in the Client Settings.

  1. Open the via the pascom Menü

Open Client Settings

  1. Click on in the Settings menu

Device Control Settings

Device for outgoing Calls

Here you determine which device you want to use for outgoing calls. The pascom integrated softphone or a desk phone assigned to you. The pascom softphone is built into the software and is ideal for use with a headset.

  1. Click the at “Outgoing Calls “ and select your device.

Device Control for incomming Calls

With the device control for incoming calls you can control the call behavior of your devices.

  1. simply the switch of the call type at which your Endpoint devices should ring. e.g. internal calls

  2. You can additionally delay the start of the ringing. This makes sense if you use 2 devices for one type of call (e.g. internal calls) and one of them should start ringing later.

Switch off all Devices | DND

If you want to be unreachable, you can deactivate all .

Switch off all Devices

  1. What happens if you switch off all devices? It is best to consult your system administrator, because there are many possibilities, e.g. announcements, call forwardings, voicemail box, etc..