Mobile App Advanced Settings

Please only make changes in the Advanced Settings if you know what you are doing.

pascom Mobile Client Advanced Settings and Support Information

In case of errors or problems with the pascom client, you can assist your system administrator or the pascom support team by providing log and support information.

  1. Click on in the Settings menu or scroll down to the bottom of the menu.

pascom Client Advanced Settings

  1. Here you will find the of the pascom client, which opens in a text editor.

  2. Generate a support package for your system administrator or pascom support. Click on . You will find the zip archive in your Download folder.

  3. Enable/Disable the Debug Mode, so that the pascom client can collect even more useful support data in the background and the log data can be evaluated more extensively as a result.

Activate automatic updates

Here you determine whether the pascom Client should automatically process new program versions. A manual restart must still be performed by the user. If you deactivate the Automatic Updates, you can check the pascom client for new updates from time to time under About pascom.

HD Audio setting.

This option always uses the latest audio codec for phone calls when enabled. In addition, phone calls with high audio quality consume more Internet bandwidth.

Resynchronize local data.

With this option you force a new synchronization of the local data of the pascom Client. This is especially helpful if modules in the pascom client hang or show wrong values.