Profile and Contactlist

Overview and details of profile and contact list.

My Profile

The own profile, offers very good settings, in order to communicate visually to its colleagues, how it stands straight around the own accessibility.

Set your Presence status

To set your presence status, click on the dopdownfield in your profile. This opens two options.

Own Presence status Choose your Presence status

  1. green = Available
  2. red = Do not disturb

Please note that the “Do not disturb” function does not replace DND functionality. This only signals to your colleagues that you do not wish to be disturbed at the moment. If you do not want to be reached, use the device control

Individualize your presence status

You can also store your own messages for the respective presence status. Tell your colleagues in “Do not disturb “ mode that you are on vacation or have an important meeting.

Just click on the presence status line and enter your own message. Finally, save your message by clicking on the check mark.

own Message Own presence message

Which device is currently in use ?

The presence status shows your colleagues which device you are currently using. If you are sitting at your computer and using the pascom Desktop Client, you have a computer icon. If you are using the pascom Mobile App, a mobile phone symbol is displayed. Next to it you will find your internal extension number.

device status device status

Choose your Location

Show your colleagues where you are right now. Your system administrator can set up locations that offer predefined settings. So you can adopt a completely new setup with a single click. e.g. home office, sales etc.

To do this, click on the location icon next to the device status and select your location.

Choose your location Choose a location

Your Contact List

In the contact list you will find all your colleagues, pascom groups, queues and your favorites. You can also see the presence status of each colleague and the device they are using. Simply call your colleagues from the contact list.

Contact list overview Contact List overview

The call and presence status of your colleagues

As you have already learned above, the presence status tells other users about the current availability. The call status, on the other hand, shows you exactly whether someone can be called or is on the phone.

Call Status Call status within the contact list

Call status of the handset icon

  • red = User is currently on the phone
  • yellow = User is currently being called
  • green = User is free and can be called
  • grey = User is not reachable because not logged into any device.

Presence status within the Contact list Presence status within the Contact list

Presence status explained

  • green = User is logged on to the pascom client (desktop and mobile)
  • yellow = User in away mode or the screen is locked (desktop only)
  • grey = User has paired mobile device but is not logged in (mobile only)
  • no symbol = User is logged out from all platforms

Where is my colleague currently?

In addition to the end device status, you can see your colleague’s workstation and therefore know exactly where he is at the moment.

locations within the contact list locations within the contact list

Create Favourites

Colleagues with whom you need to interact more frequently can be marked with the star symbol, which then moves to the upper Favourites area. In this way, important contacts are always pinned to the top of the contact list.

Create Favourites Favourites wihtin the contact list