Groups for Chat-Rooms and Conferences

Create pascom groups for chat rooms and audio- /video conferences

What are pascom Groups?

Think of pascom groups as dynamic conference rooms with a lot of additional features. pascom groups can be used as chat rooms, but can also be upgraded to audio and video conference rooms. For example, create a “support group” for all support staff, where they can exchange information in group chat and hold audio and video meetings.

With the group function you create permanent groups for:

  1. Group chat
  2. Audio conferences
  3. Video conferences
  4. Online meetings with screen sharing

Create a pascom Group

Creating new pascom groups is not restricted and can be done by any user.

Create a new group using the + icon in your profile.

Step 1 Create Group

Enter a name in the settings window of the group e.g. “Support” or “Smalltalk”. Then add the participants who should be members of this group.

Step 2 Create Group

Finally, click the red disk icon to save the group. Your new group now appears in the contact list.

Step 3 Create Group

Only groups in which you yourself are a member will appear in your contact list. If you can’t find a group, just let other members of that group join you.

Manage pascom Groups

If you are in a window of a pascom group, you can choose from several functions in the upper menu bar. You will also be shown how many participants the group has.

Group Infos

Mute a Group

  1. Click on the speaker symbol in the upper menu bar. Now you will no longer receive notification of new events in the group.

Close a Group

  1. To close a group, click on the red X symbol in the top menu bar. Don’t worry, you can always open the group again from the contact list.

Edit Group and manage Participants

  1. To make changes to a group, click on the red info icon in the top menu bar and you will be taken to the group settings.

Group Details

Change the name of the group

  1. If you are not satisfied with the name of a group, you can simply overwrite the former name. e.g. change support to sales.

Add or remove Participants

  1. If you want your group to include new members, click on the menu item Add participants and select new participants from a list.

  2. To remove participants from the group, click the red trashcan icon.

Leave the Group yourself

  1. If you would like to end your membership in a group yourself, click on Leave Group at the very bottom of the Group Settings.

Make pascom Group public

External participants can also be invited to your pascom groups. By clicking on Allow guests you activate the Guest mode and receive dial-in data for your group.

To upgrade a chat group to a virtual audio/video conference room for external participants

Make Group public

Fields Description
Dial-in-Number Participants can access the conference by phone using the pascom Web Client’s dial-in number.
PIN The PIN is required to participate in the conference using the dial-in number.
URL Link to the pascom Web Client to access the group web meeting.
Copy Invitation to Clipboard Copy all details to the clipboard for sharing all access information with the intended participants.

Delete a pascom Group

Delete a pascom group by removing all participants from a group and finally leaving the group yourself. The group then disappears from the system.

Useful Information

  1. I want to send an external participant, with whom i am currently on the phone, to a pascom group. How to do this?
    This is very easy, pass your call participant by right-clicking on the corresponding pascom group and select Connect. The external participant does not need a PIN to join the pascom group and can thus immediately participate in audio conferences.