pascom Teams - Working with call queues

Learn all you need to know about pascom teams and working with queues


pascom teams are basically queues. A place where your customers stay until a user/agent answers the call. If you are a member of a team e.g. Sales, you will receive calls from the queue in addition to your personal calls.

Open a pascom team

In your contact list you will find the team of which you are a member, and you can open the queue with a click on the team. e.g. Team Support

open pascom Team Open a pascom team via the contactlist

The Team-Office you see in the contact list has a red signal and at the same time shows you that you are no member of this queue and therefore cannot view any data.

Overview of a pascom Team

In the queue overview you will find your colleagues as well as tabs and menu items with additional functions.

Overview pascom Team Overview of the pascom team

  1. In the active green area you will find colleagues who are actively logged on to the queue and receive calls. In addition, you can see the current call status by means of the handset icon.

  2. In the deactivated grey area you will find colleagues who have logged out of the queue and do not receive calls. In addition, you can see the current call status by means of the hearing icon.

Log in to the team

Users in teams, can be flexible or fixed members of a queue. If your system administrator has set you up as a flexible member, you can log on and off the queue and thus switch from the active to the disabled area.

  1. Use the Login- / Logout- button to log in and out of the team.

Log in and log out from the team Log in and log out as a flexible member of the team

Pause work in a team

On the pascom telephone system, pause reasons can be defined that you can use to temporarily not receive calls from the queue. e.g. coffee break or postprocessing etc.

  1. Click on the Pause button and select a Pause reason.

Pause work in a team Take a short break from working in a team

Waiting callers

Click on the Tabs on the Callers waiting item and you will get an overview of callers waiting in the queue. You will see the phone number, the name (if there is a phone book entry) and the waiting time.

Waiting callers in the Team Show waiting callers in the queue