Calling with the pascom Mobile App

This guide describes how you can use the telephony functions of the pascom mobile VoIP app

Start a Call

There are several ways to start a call in the pascom Mobile App. Either enter a phone number using the dialpad or push the green phone icon next to the desired person in the contact list. Additionally, calls can also be started from the phone book and from within the call history sections.

Start a new Call

Start a new Call

The pascom Mobile App Phone

The phone option opens the telephone section of the pascom mobile app and provides the following functions which are explained below.


Enter the phone number you wish to call directly using the dialpad. There’s no need to worry about the syntax of the phone number, as this is automatically processed by the pascom mobile app. To start the call, press the green phone symbol. The number entry area also doubles as a search tool, allowing you to directly search for people. Note, this only searches the contact list and not the whole phone book. More information can be found here

The Dialpad

Voicemail Box

To call your and retrieve messages from your voicemail, simply press the Voicemail - Button and the app will automatically start calling. You can find information regarding voicemail boxes below.

The Voicemailbox


Use the Redial button to redial / call back the last contact / phone number dialed.


Incoming Call

Upon receiving a call, the incoming call element will appear. On iOS with a locked screen, an incoming call lock screen call kit notification appears. Using either of these elements, you now have the option to accept or reject the call.

Incoming Call Incomming Call within the pascom Client

Active Call

During an active call, a wide range of tools are available within the telephony section of the pascom app. Here, interactive call elements are used, which allows intuitive and easy interactions with the participants.

Interactive Call Elemtents explained

Each participant is displayed in the telephone area of the pascom client as interactive call element. This way you always have full control over the current call.

Interactive Call Element Participant as interactive Call Element

Click on the white arrow to access further options for this call element.

Details of the Call Element Extended Options of the Call Element

You have the option to forward the current caller via transfer, open the Chat area, put the call on Hold or display further details from the phone book.

Extended telephone functions during active calls

The phone field/area also changes during an active call and enables further functions.

Here you can now start a new call, send DTMF tones, mute the microphone, and use video and screen sharing or hang up the call via the red handset button.

Hold a Call

Putting an active Call on “Hold” has several advantages. Differently than with the muting of your microphone, the conversation partner hears music on hold and knows therefore that you e.g. hold consultation. In addition, you can call other contacts while the other party is on hold.

To “hold” a call, click on the pause/hold button in the call element". The caller is then grayed out.

Hold a Call Hold a Call

You can retrieve the waiting caller by clicking the pause button again.

Your Voicemail Box

Click the Voicemail button to call your voicemail box, provided your system administrator has configured your own voicemail box. You can also reach your mailbox via a Function code.

  1. retrieve your messages or make settings via a voice menu in your mailbox.

Enable GSM fallback

It can happen that where you are, there is no stable WLAN connection. The pascom mobile app automatically detects the switches to GSM mode to establish the connection via your mobile network.

You can also activate the GSM mode manually.

GSM mode

  1. Click on the GSM button in the top right-hand corner of the Telephony area.