Use Video-Telephony

Use the video and screen sharing tools of the pascom Client for more effective collaboration with your colleagues.

Video telephony with your colleagues

Whether in the home office or in virtual meetings, the visual element of a video Call promotes better collaboration.

Start a Video Call

Call your colleague as usual. During the active call you now have the option to activate the video function in the dialing field with one click.

Start video Call with colleagues Start video Call with colleagues

By default, the video call with your colleague starts in full screen mode.

Active Video Call Active Video Call in Fullscreen Mode


During an active video call, many options and functions are available to you.

Video-Options Options during a Video Call


You can use the chat conversation with your colleague during the video call as normal. To do so, click on the Chat icon on the left side.

Switch Video on/off

To switch the video picture on/off, click the Camera button in the Video menu.

Switch Microphone on/off

Click on the Microphone button in the Video menu to switch your microphone on/off.

Exit Video Fullscreen Mode

To exit the full screen mode of the video call, click the Full Screen Mode button in the Video menu. The video image is then integrated into the group in the pascom client.

Active Video Call minimized Active Video Call minimized in the pascom client

End a Video Call

To end the video call, hang up the call using the red handset button.