Conference Rooms

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Should you need to communicate with more than 3 participants simultaneously, then pascom Phone Systems provide a complete audio conferencing suite for Conference Rooms


If more than three people want to communicate with each other simultaneously, then this can be achieved using your pascom VoIP phone system’s Conference Rooms tool.

A conference room is reachable under an extension number and in order to enter the conference room, simply dial the extension number and enter the required PIN number.

If the extension number belongs to block of numbers (otherwise known as DIDs - Direct Inward Dial) from a voice Trunk, then the conference room will also be externally accessible.

Illustration - VoIP Conference Rooms


In the pascom phone system web UI, select > and press the button.

Screenshot - configure pascom conference rooms

Parameter Description
Title Conference room name
Extension The extension for the conference room
Message Whether a conference attendee has to speak their name before entering the room. The name will be announced to all other attendees as soon as that person enters or leaves the room. This helps to keep track especially in larger conference rooms.
Music on Hold If there is only a single attendee, music on hold can be played to that person. To learn how to create your own playlist, please see Custom Prompts and Music On Hold.
Password The PIN that is necessary to enter the room. When adding a conference room, the PIN will be automatically generated, which can then be changed by the system Administrator. It is possible to view the password via the button.
Options The ConfBridge Options can be added here.