pascom Appliance

Self Hosted only

The pascom appliance is a pre-installed Server for on-premise installations

Useful Knowledge

pascom Appliance

pascom Appliance

Modify your Firewall

Many companies have no Internet access restrictions and can therefore immediately start using your pascom appliance without needing to make any alterations to their Firewall.

However, should you choose to, you can specify which internet services your company network is permitted to access by opening the following ports and allowing the pascom appliance access in order to ensure that your pascom phone system operates optimally:

pascom Services

Port Host Description
TCP 80/443 Access to the pascom licence server + PUSH services
TCP 25, Access to the pascom Mailserver
UDP 123 * Access to the preferred time server (NTP)
UDP 3478 * Access for Video-Functionality

pascom Server Installation (Only for new / re-installs)

The pascom appliance is delivered with the pascom phone system server software already pre-installed. Perform the following steps only if you wish to reinstall the system!


  • USB stick with a minimum capacity of 8GB
  • Free of charge Flash Tool Rufus (only for Windows)
  • pascom Server Software ISO File

Flash the USB Stick

Connect the USB stick to your compute and start Rufus. Now select the pascom Server ISO file under , select the USB stick via and finally click the :


Copy Server-ISO

Now copy the server ISO directly to the USB stick and rename it to pascom.iso.

Create Configfile

Create the file setup.json directly on the USB stick with the following content:

    "device": "sda",
    "skipWelcome": true,
    "skipDevice": true,
    "skipHostname": true,
    "hostname": "usbsetup",
    "skipNetwork": true,
    "skipStartNetwork": true,
    "skipBrowser": true,
    "skipReboot": true,
    "halt": true,
    "preinst" : {

Connect, install and remove the USB stick

Den so vorbereiteten USB-Stick können Sie nun direkt an den USB3-Port (Rückseite, blauer Port) anstecken. Schließen Sie die Appliance an Bildschirm und Strom und schalten diese ein. Das Setup läuft automatisch durch. Nach erfolgreichem Setup schaltet sich die Appliance selbst ab.

The USB stick prepared in this way can now be connected directly to the USB3 port (rear, blue port). Plug the appliance into screen and power and turn it on. The setup will run automatically. After successful setup, the appliance shuts itself off.


Turn the appliance back on and proceed to the next step.

Connect Appliance

Quick Start Guide

First System Start

Complete the setup and follow the on-screen instructions until you are directed to switch to your browser and start the setup wizard:

Operating System Installation

Start Setup Wizard

Open a browser window and go to your pascom PBX server IP address configured during the first system start. Follow the steps until you can login into the Management Interface:

pascom Server Management

Setup Mobile Acces via the Internet (optional)

If you want to use this feature, follow these steps now. Future changes are possible, but will result in changes for your users as aspects such as access to the server via the pascom client will change from a local IP address to a DNS name.

This step is required should you wish to use the pascom mobile client (iOS/Android) or desktop client to access the local pascom server from “on the go” i.e. outside of the network.

Phone System Setup

An additionnal assistant will help you to finish setting up your phone system and add / invite further users. Proceed as follows:

  • Via a browser window, login into the pascom server as an Admin
  • Click on the and then enter a name for your phone system
  • Follow the setup assistant instructions