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We offer all Free, Basic and Premium customers completely free phone system hosting. Simple, Secure, Fast - start free now.

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The simplest deployment option for your pascom phone system is to use which is free for all Free, Basic and Premium pascom customers.

Choose the phone system option and benefit from a hosted PBX without requiring any in-house or rented hosting as we take care of the hosting for you - free of charge. You can get started within minutes without any installation hassle or any additional hardware being required.

Modify Your Firewall

Many companies have no Internet access restrictions and can therefore immediately start using without needing to make any alterations to their Firewall.

However, should you choose to, you can specify which internet services your company network is permitted to access by opening the following ports:

Telephony and Instant Messaging

Port Description
TCP 5061 SIP-TLS - secure SIP communication
TCP 5222 pascom Desktop and Mobile client access
UDP 30000 - 35000 SRTP - encrypted Voice Data
UDP 3478 Access for Video-Functionality

Optional Servicees

Port Description
TCP 636 LDAPS for telephone book access via LDAP
TCP 8884 Provisioning of Desktop IP Phones (hardware telephones)
TCP 8885 VPN Tunnel direct to the phone system