pascom Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Self Hosted only

This setup is intended for pascom phone system Cloud Hosting Hosting Providers

In order to be able to create and operate CSP Hosts in, you must be a CSP partner. Please contact our sales team to receive further information.

What is a CSP?

CSPs are pascom partners who want to add a pascom Hosting offer themselves. The pascom server is multi-tenant and multi-host enabled and therefore is the ideal platform for Hosted Service Providers.

System Setup

As a CSP you can deploy any number of CSP Hosts. Each host can then manage up to 32 phone systems (separate customers).

Each Host has its own Domain-Name. e.g.:

The individual phone systems are reachable via the corresponding host:

System Requirements

VMware ESX 6.5 or higher is a prerequisite regarding the Hypervisor. Each CSP Host (32 phone systems) have the following system requirements:

Ressource Size
CPU (x86) 4 Core
Disk Storage * 64 GB

* Calculating disk storage capacity is based on an average usage. In particular, call recordings can significantly impact storage requirements. Please calculate an additional 1 MB per 10 minutes of recordings.

CSP Host Setup

Create CSP Host in

Log into and under > add a new CSP host via . You can add as many CSP hosts as you wish. CSP hosts are not associated with any additional costs.

Download ISO File

For the installation of the CSP host, please download the pascom Server ISO 18.5 or higher from our website Downloads pahe.

Operating System Installation

Create a new virtual machine and use the pascom server ISO file as the boot medium. Follow the on screen instructions until you are instructed to switch to your browser in order to start the setup wizard:

Operating System Installation

Start Setup Wizard

Open your browser and go to the previously configure IP address of your pascom server. Follown the instructions until you can login to the management interface:

pascom Server Management

Setup up Mobile Access via the Internet

Follow these steps BEFORE you deploy and start the first phone system. Later changes are possible, but will result in changes for your customers.

This step in necessary so that your customers can use the mobile client app (iOS/Android) or the desktop client.

Setup Customer Phone Systems

Should a minimu of one CSP Host be setup you can add FREE-, BASIC- and PREMIUM subscriptions for your customers and start the corresponding phone systems.

(Option A) Add Phone System on CSP Host

Log into the CSP host Management UI and under click on .

You will now be redirected to where you can add a new subscription for your customer.

Back on the CSP host, a job will automatically start to update the subscription.

After a few seconds, the newly added subscription will appear under the phone systems and can now be setup for your customer.

(Option B) Add Phone System via

Log into and under > add a new phone system via .

During the process, you will have the option of selecting your CSP host instead of the or an on-site installation.

Once the process is finished, log into your CSP host Management UI and under refresh your licence via > .

After a few seconds, the newly added subscription will appear under the phone systems and can now be setup for your customer.