pascom Server Structure

Overview of the pascom system server structure

System Structure

pascom Server Access


The interface is the pascom server network interface. Should multiple physical or virtual ethernet interfaces be found on the server, they will be created accordingly.


The pascom Server Management is connected directly to the interface via Port 8443. Should you have several interfaces, you can choose on which interface the server management should be available. Management tasks include:

  • Interface Management
  • Creating the pascom phone system
  • Updating the entire system
  • Backup/Restore operations
  • Monitoring and analysis of the entire system

Session Border Controller

Access to the pascom phone system can only be made via the Session Border Controller (SBC). The SBC secures the system and per default only allows enrypted connections. The following phone system services are available on the interface via the Session Border Controller:

Activated (Standard)

Port Description
TCP 443 phone system web UI
TCP 636 LDAPS for phone hook access via LDAP
UDP 3478 Access for Video-Functionality
TCP 5061 SIP TLS - secure SIP communication
TCP 5222 pascom Desktop and Mobile client access
TCP 8884 Provisioning of IP desktop phones
UDP 30000 - 35000 SRTP - encrypted Voice data
UDP + TCP 19302 WebRTC

Deactivated (Standard)

Port Description
TCP 5060 SIP - SIP communication
TCP 8885 VPN Tunnel direct to the phone system


The SSH server is available via Port 22 directly on the interface. Just like with the pascom web UI, it is possible to log in via SSH using the admin login credentials and manage the pascom IP PBX. Access via SSH is only recommended for users with Linux experience.

Phone System

The phone system itself. For security reasonse, the pascom phone systems can only be accessed via the Session Border Controller. It is also possible to operate several pascom phone systems simultaneously on the pascom server. However, this functionality is reserved for our pascom Cloud Service Provider (CSP) partners.

In order to ensure that access to the phone system does not always have to be obtained via the pascom Management UI, it is also possible to access the phone system web UI using the following URL structure: