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What's New in mobydick 7.13

mobydick 7.13 has arrived & includes a whole host of exciting new innovations including mobydick Cloud Telephony Solutions as well as boasting more interoperability and enhanced endpoint management.

mobydick 7.13 Release
mobydick clients for iOS, Android, OSx, Linux and Windows

Anywhere, Anytime Communication

Staying in touch couldn't be simpler thanks to mobydick's Unified Communications suite, regardless of your device or location. Choose from your desktop, DECT, softphone or mobile device and you will always be in contact even when on the go.

mobydick frees you from Vendor Lock-in
mobydick Softphone

Out of the Box Telephony

The mobydick softphone delivers unlimited freedom to communicate from anywhere. By providing your users with all the same functions as their desktop phones, your users will always be reachable no matter where they are.
What's more you will not need any additional hardware and the softphone comes at no extra cost.

mobydick Video Telephony Solution

Video Telephony Solution

Increase productivity and enhance collaboration with our fully integrated video telephony solution.
Regardless of where your users are (in the office, at home or out and about), or which device they are using, starting video calls is quick and easy. Therefore, saving you yet more time and money.

Quick and Simple user device management

Simplified Device Management

mobydick manages all your devices, so you don't have to, no matter where you work from - your office, HomeOffice or on a business trip. Employees who work from numerous sites can effortlessly switch between locations whilst remaining reachable on their office number all thanks to mobydick's Hot Desking capabilities.

Cooperation | Collaboration | Communication

mobydick is the ideal team player which is at home on any platform - Windows, Linux or Mac - and provides real-time access to all your team member availability info and helps you decide how best to contact them: phone, video or chat.

mobydick FlexPanel and desktop client
VoIP Team Icon

Fully Integrated Teams

Get all your current call volume and agent utilisation information at a glance with mobydick's fully integrated teams view. mobydick provides team members with a live overview of the current status of their team, delivering performance information ranging from the status of other team members as well as active and waiting callers.

Moreover, mobydick enables you to react to spikes in call volume by allowing employees to dynamically log into a team as additional members, thus supporting their colleagues at peak times.

Define the view that best suits your needs

Customisable by Design

Customise and freely define what team members see according to their needs with the mobydick FlexPanel.

For example, why not provide your switchboard or team leaders with an optimised, user friendly overview of the information they need to help them streamline their workflows?

For Mac, Linux and Windows

Fast, Flexible, Independent

mobydick delivers a uniform, platform independent "Look & Feel" giving your users the freedom to use their preferred operating system, no matter whether that be Windows, Linux or Mac.

What's more - your team will be up and running within minutes, as thanks to mobydick, the usual standardisation of operating systems and all those time consuming software installations are now a thing of the past.

Fully Integrated For Optimised Business

Our mobydick software supports organisations streamline both internal & external communication as well as optimising core business processes, which is why thousands of companies and their employees rely on mobydick as an integral tool in their everyday business.

Business Communication Processes
SIP Call Routing Icon

mobydick Call Flow Management

Put your callers at ease with automatic greetings, music on hold as well as optional announcements and option menus. These all alleviate switchboard workloads and simultaneously improve call flows and customer satisfaction. Just like clockwork, mobydick’s Auto Attendant and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) never miss a beat in supporting your employees during peak times, which can be easily adjusted to suit your call patterns without needing any extra technical knowledge.

SIP Action Icon

Integrated Desktop Applications

Automatically know all you need to know about your caller by quickly and easily integrating any number of applications such as your CRM, ERP or Ticket System into the mobydick client. Through integrating your external business applications, the mobydick client uses the call data to call up contact information from the integrated application, thus providing call agents with all they need to know about the caller before picking up the phone.

SIP Application Integration

Simplified Network Integration

Thanks to numerous interface options, you can integrate a variety of external systems directly into mobydick, optimising business processes and saving valuable time. For example, connect mobydick to your user database (e.g. Active Directory) in order to automatically synchronise your business' contact information and considerably reduce repetitive administrative tasks.

Scalability, Redundancy & High Availability

As disruptions to telephony services can be synonymous with loss of corporate image, HA and scalable solutions are simply a must have for most companies, which is why mobydick provides an easy to manage, scalable, redundant HA communications solution.

geek and poke Cartoon: High Availability Cluster
Cluster Icon

mobydick High Availability Cluster

Fully configured in just a few minutes, place two servers in a mobydick cluster in order to achieve maximum High Availability. Should a server fail, thus triggering a failover, mobydick will re-establish all your telephony services within moments, ensuring you benefit from maximum uptime of your all important telephony services .

mobydick Backup Icon

Simplified, Automated Backups

Create a complete backup of your mobydick server, providing you with a disaster recovery system backup that does not require any additional installations media. Use the automatic database backup tools to gain additional security while using the minimum of storage, thus allowing you to restore not only the whole system, but also to any system standpoint.

Scalability Icon

Scalable to Any Business Size

Regardless of whether you have a handful of users or thousands, mobydick can be scaled across any number of company locations, delivering a system that is ideally suited to SMBs and Large Enterprises alike.

Quick & Automatic Configuration

mobydick is a software appliance - meaning the operating system, IP phone system, clients & management tools all rolled into one setup file. Regardless of whether you are using a commercial server or a virtual machine, installing mobydick only takes 5 minutes.

Illustration Software with Hardware
Connector Icon

Data Imports & Management Made Easy

Quickly and efficiently import all your user, end-point and telephone book data. By integrating mobydick into your existing directory services (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory) you can eliminate repetitive data (user / phone book) management processes and in turn increase efficiencies through faster initial set up as well as saving on unnecessary administrative overheads.

mobydick manages your endpoints

Plug & Play
mobydick AutoProvisioning

One of mobydick's core strengths lies in the centralised management of external hardware. Connect your phones, Gateways and much more to your network and mobydick does the rest in terms of automatic identification and configuration. In doing so, mobydick also ensures that your devices are provided with the approved firmware as tested by pascom.

Easy Config with mobydick Setup Templates

Use any of mobydick's numerous configuration templates to quickly guide you through your setup processes, for example when setting up IP connections, connecting directory services or simply importing phone book data. In order to ensure maximum flexibility, your system administrator can modify, grow and develop these templates at anytime to suit your business communication needs.

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Over 1,000 firms rely on mobydick worldwide.

Over 1,000 companies worldwide rely on mobydick

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